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September 6th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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Locals BoggedLocals BoggedLocals Bogged

We watched this group of Krygs struggle for about an hour before we walked around the beach with sand tracks in hand to offer to help. Unbeknown to us they were solving the bogging problem with yet more vodka so were pretty happy by the time we got there. We were force fed vodka, well Darren took one for the team as a whole shot of vodka and I would not mix well.
Geo: 42.2135, 76.6296

Great camp spot on the edge of a large lake. Looks like the sea. We drove in about 20 kms on the dirt and were pretty much on our own except for one local guy who was pretty much smashed the whole time and insisted on speaking to us in Russian. No amount of telling him we don't understand a single word of it was cutting the mustard.
Our second night was a bit more interesting. A sizeable storm rolled in overnight and we were grateful to be snugged up on the roof. Lots of thunder, lightening and rain rendered the surrounding mountains bright white in the morning. The sun shone through in the morning, we watched the horses coming down for a drink then packed up. What we did not consider was the fact the dirt track in might be somewhat more exciting on the way out. A totally washout, followed by rivers running down the road, puddles that were sticky silty mud. Hmmm engaged everything we had not to get bogged. Darren did a fine job of keeping us moving forward. Got stuck temporarily but managed to back our and get through second time.
We breathed a sigh of relief when we hit higher ground and could not believe the number of two wheel drives full of Kyrgs going the opposite direction. We were pretty sure they would be stuck on the road and were just pleased we started early enough not to have to pull them out.
We had learnt a lesson the night before helping a group of very drunk locals out of the sand off the beach.

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Horses DrinkingHorses Drinking
Horses Drinking

What is wrong with this picture, looks like the sea, complete with shells, sea gulls and waves but is fresh water.
Lake IsykolLake Isykol
Lake Isykol

Translates to warm lake, a combination of thermal water in and depth means it does not freeze over. Russians were swimming, we watched complete with coats zipped up and beannies. Must be the vodka...

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