Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan, servin' it up!

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16th November 2014

For what it's worth....
I'm a US citizen, I've lived in the US all my life, and I still don't know all the words to the National Anthem. Once you get past "Oh, say can you see..." it all gets kinda fuzzy, and don't even ask about the second and third verses.
16th November 2014

PCV rock!
As an ESL prof back home, many of my colleagues had been in the PC, and there was a big, close and wonderful community of them. Wherever you go, you'll have instant friends from your big community. Sounds as if you're also having lots of fun and getting away for excellent jaunts around the country, and don't worry about the National Anthem--even the few who know the words are pretty hard pressed to sing the tune.
17th November 2014

I didn't know you were going to Burma also, after you make plans we should сүйлөш.
17th November 2014

Dirty Dancing
Do you feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing? She wanted to join the Peace Corps. Love ya, miss ya!
18th November 2014

Peace Corps
Joining the peace corp is one of those things I wish I had done. I know I could still do it but think my time and interest has passed. Certainly enjoy reading about it.
19th February 2015

I've known you since the ripe old age of about 7??? And had no clue you were an American!
I love following your adventures! This post is great!

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