How do you get around Kyrgyzstan?!

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11th November 2014
Presenting Ron Weasely....Isn’t he cute?!

Happy Birthday!
Best wishes for a birthday celebration with lots of Kyrg dancing, so you can show off your skills! Sounds as if your travel arrangements are akin to ours in Peru and Bolivia, except that here, some of those "taxis" rob and beat (or worse) their passengers--these regular occurrences scream from front pages of newspapers. And look at the fine example of knitting behind Ron Weasley--can't you buy sweaters in this same attractive style--why would you need a care package? Best wishes as you bundle up like a bear for winter and then sweat like a pig on the marshutkas. Cheers!
12th November 2014
Presenting Ron Weasely....Isn’t he cute?!

I actually did just buy some knitting, my friend and I bought matching knitted ponchos. We are thrilled!
12th November 2014

The story of marshutkas
Loved every description and word picture. I felt like I was smashed in their with you looking through the floor boards. Years ago when I was much younger I worked in Antarctica and care packages meant a great deal. I'd love to send you one so please send me your address.
12th November 2014

WOW! How did you end up there????
Hi Emily, You're a long way from Newlands squash court where we last met I think! I only saw this blog and have no idea what happened before so would be happy to be enlightened if it's not too much trouble. I'm sure your parents are worried about you.....would love to hear more. Keep warm Laura Ramsay
12th November 2014

Peace Corps!
Hi Laura, Great to hear from you. I’m in the Peace Corps, and they decided to send me to Kyrgyzstan! I know, random! I’m here for 27 months total, I’m about 7 months in at this point, going pretty well! As for Sue and Kev, they’re coming to visit next year, they have been tasked with bringing good pinot grigio. Cheers, Emily
12th November 2014

Happy Early Birthday!
Happy Early Birthday Emily!! I hope you have an awesome "Canadian" dance party to celebrate! Do you think Ron Weaseley would like to come live in Canada? Can you smuggle him in? I want him, he's adorable - mouse eating and all.
12th November 2014

No big deal. REALLY?!!!!!
Love reading your blogs Em! They make me feel like I'm right there with you! Except I'm nice and warm, my cars in the driveway waiting,to take me where I want to go and there's turkeys in every supermarket I If you get a chance send me your address, your birthdays coming up and it is a big deal!!!! Miss you!!!!

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