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July 24th 2014
Published: July 25th 2014
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Hello All,

I have now been away from the North American continent for 3 months, and I have to say, time has flown by. Granted, not all days have been stupendous days of shining brilliance. Some days have been flat out crappy, boring, etc. But really, most days and weeks in Kyrgyzstan thus far have welcomed me into what will be my life for the next two years, but hopefully in the future with less stomach aches and better language skills. And any way you cut it, it rains a heck of a lot less here than it does in Vancouver, doesn’t matter the season!


Hello everybody, I have moved this post, and all posts published afterwards to my new blog . You can find the rest of this post at out my new site!

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27th July 2014
View of the forest from the small Waterfall

Beautiful area of the world!
Thanks for sharing more pics on Kyrgyzstan! I was cycling there a few months ago and it was a fabulous experience! keep discovering and posting! Are you picking up any Russian or...?
27th July 2014
View of the forest from the small Waterfall

Kyrgyz classes!
Hey Jeremy, great to hear from you, I happened upon your blogs when I first found out I was coming to Kyrgyzstan, they were a great intro to a previously unknown part of the world for me. And no Russian, I’m learning Kyrgyz, oi! Cheers!
27th July 2014

The Blue Bible
I'm glad it was accurate because that is not always what we find. Your next two years are bound to be an experience of a lifetime and we love each chapter. Great waterfall. We've always found that the scary looking taxi drivers drive better. Eagerly awaiting your next blog.

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