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September 14th 2010
Published: September 26th 2010
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Lots of horses, note: they don't all belong to one person.
We crossed the border into Kazakhstan on the 13th. We only spent 2 nights in the country as a way to bypass the Uzbek/Kyrgyz issues that occured back in May or so near Osh where our original itinerary was meant to take us. The temperature has taken a dramatic shift in the downward direction. We went from uncomfortably hot throughout most of Uzbekistan until it became quite pleasent in Tashkent. Our first evening in Kazakhstan had us digging out our toques and sweaters from the bottom of our packs for the first time on our trip. Not complaining, just hoping we have warm enough clothing for China when it will be even colder!

Leaving the homestay where we spent our first night, we drove into Aksu-Dzhabaghy national park where we spent a second night camping in a farmer's field. We went for a nice walk into a canyon. The first real exercise we've had on this trip in a long time apart from our city tours in Uzbekistan. It was very enjoyable, and a bit of a fitness wake-up call...

The funnest bit about leaving a country is trying to spend the last of our local currency. This time

This is at the bottom of the canyon we walked down.
around we managed to spend it on lots of chocolate.

As a note, most of the border guards or check stop people seem quite friendly and eager to talk. When they saw our passports, they said Canada - Hockey! They also have really cool big hats.

Sadly because Kazakhstan isn't really part of the normal itinerary we didn't really spend much time here. This will have to be one of those places that we'll put on our 'list' to come back to.

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Here we are at camp, drinking our red wine in our wine glasses. Classy, yes we know.
canyon 1canyon 1
canyon 1

Canyon we hiked down.

Our wine selection. Each bottle cost approximately $3.

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