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Asia » Kazakhstan » Oral August 18th 2014

Camping other day, Pics are interesting if U don't want to be noticed. Used tent 'cause quick & cheap, rather than try find hotel at 10pm and want to leave 6am while is still cool. I did select green colours to vanish. For U environmental types, nothing was left at site, not time to use petrol burner or spider - save that for another day. Camping is not big thing here, not found any official sites.... read more
tent & bike
Bike cover

Asia » Kazakhstan » Oral May 24th 2009

So I failed in my attempt to get from East Timor to Jordan without flying. I was so close, in fact I was even in Europe. The city of Oral in far northwest Kazakhstan is west of the Ural river, and so is considered part of Europe. In Russian it’s “Uralsk”, but in English it’s usually called after the Kazakh, “Oral”. I went as far as Oral, but I was hoping to go all the way to Kiev. And from there it would have been easy to get buses or the ferry down to Turkey and from there through Syria into Jordan. Anyway. I left off the last blog in the small town of Turkistan. I got on that train fine, I arrived with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t have much food with me, ... read more
Oral - park
Oral - Church

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