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Asia » Kazakhstan » East Kazakhstan » Semey July 22nd 2012

From Almaty its a 900km dash north across the steppes to the Russian border. The landscape is identical to that 2500km to the west that we were riding through several weeks ago; long straight roads through the flat steppe, lined by stumpy trees with enormous eagles perching in them. The eagles aren't actually that big its just that the trees are so small and the eagles look really comical perching on the tiniest of branches. We do get the occasional change in scenery as we are skirting round the foothills of the Altai Mountains to the east and sometimes we have to leave the flat plains and go up and over. But somehow this just emphasis how flat the land actually is – as you reach the crest of the pass the flat steppe land stretches ... read more
... and steppes lie between us and the Russian border.
as in western Kazakhstan the roads are lined with stumpy trees in which enormous eagles perch
in contrast to western Kazakhstan its not all flat - we are skirting round Altai Mts

Asia » Kazakhstan » East Kazakhstan » Semey November 19th 2009

Most people who think of Kazakhstan, think of Borat. Most people who have been to Kazakhstan might think of Almaty its former capital, and then there are some who decide to discover what the rest of the country might be like. I decided to go up north, and to keep me company along the way I went with an English man who went by the name of Tim, whom I had met in a rather decrepit dormitory in Almaty. Before long we were on a train riding up the steppes of Kazakhstan and I learned my first lesson on this country. Most of it is steppe! Flat, dry, and in winter cold, with a shade of white. Second lesson, the capital was moved from Almaty to Astana, which wasn't called Astana at the time. Astana means ... read more

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