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June 11th 2014
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 43.2551, 76.9126

We arrived Seoul/Incheon right on time and went immediately to the lounge. The first couple of hours were spent trying to figure out how to let Keegan stay over for a couple of days to see a friend. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with the United 1K desk, and they thought they had figured it all out, but they hadn't. Then they said it was impossible. So we made it work anyway, by throwing more miles at the problem. Kyla had to exit with Keegan to recheck the bags … we had asked they be associated with Kyla, but the people in Almaty associated them with Keegan. It was all done; Keegan was on his way to town with his friend, and we settled in for a few hours of waiting. We ate, walked around the airport, worked on email. Paul and Pas napped a bit. My flight was delayed slightly … I was supposed to leave 5 minutes after the others but left about 45 minutes late. I was pulled aside for separate screening (the dreaded SSSS). Upstairs in Business on the 747. I slept almost the entire flight. Woke 30 minutes before landing. I beat the others through immigration (yeah Global!) and customs. I waited outside their door for my bag. I said good-bye to them and headed for the United check-in (and my second major screening of the day), for my flight to Washington DC, which left 3 hours later. (Flight left on time, more or less, but weather delays slowed our arrival into Dulles, then there was the long taxi queue. It was 1am east coast time when I arrived … 38.5 hours from when I left the hotel at Almaty). I hope Gruden greeted the others with whining.


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