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August 19th 2014
Published: August 21st 2014
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So Astana in the new capitol of Kazak, since only 1996, lots glitz.

Journey 230km from Borovoe on pristine 3 lane fast motorway with light traffic, does have a toll - but not for bikes.

City is friendly, especially local bikers, have invite stay in summer house tomorrow with Vitaley & family. But struggle to find a bike shop for new gloves etc.

Route takes a turn south somewhere here, now 8500km East from Amsterdam, with approx 1500km to China border.

Visit Almaty is possible for a few more km on bike, a beatiful old city in mountains, does have approx 50 earthquakes/month - a good reason to move capitol elsewhere.

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BBQ - all identicalBBQ - all identical
BBQ - all identical

Wood fuel stored below, is plentiful. LHS tower, converts wood to charcoal. Tray does cooking.

This is risky bit, food prep. Only one fast bum so far.

Kebabs are good. Tea is better from pot, prepa mix with milk.

Skyline emerges from the horizon.
right turnright turn
right turn

Route update, huge distances! Blue dot is me in Astana, in 6..8 weeks could be snow here. Almaty is just 200km east of Bishket.
huge towerhuge tower
huge tower

Astana has very modern feel in new centre. Much same party as other cities, jugglers & vendors etc.
important building!important building!
important building!

Can see light tower in distance.

Biggest Mosque in Asia, biggest always_sells well.
downtown like any other line of shopsdowntown like any other line of shops
downtown like any other line of shops

This one cooks kebabs. But also bizzar of shops behind.

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