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January 12th 2012
Published: January 12th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: My first ever attempt at karaoke 61 secs
Mt Fuji Mt Fuji Mt Fuji

Celebrating New Years
Amy-san back again!

So after the city we headed up to Mt Fuji to discover tatami seated eating, and cycle round one of the 5 lakes. I am still totally in love with Japanese loo seats. Not to be too crass but after a day walking in 0 degrees, it really is a treat!

Pottered on to Matsumoto which is much colder than Tokyo which requires some imaginative dressing to stay warm but all is forgotten at Matsumoto-jo which is just beautiful in the snow. However I decided the best thing to do was have a tea ceremony with Neil's family friend (how our 74 year old host managed on her knees the whole time is beyond me!) then get naked with 2 older women I had never met before at an onsen (very hot public baths). This was rather nerve racking to start with not knowing when to wash and when to sit, but soon got the hang. Scalding hot but beautiful to sit out in the snow - you just end up whistling like a lobster!

In contrast we also survived our first karaoke experience. The video says it all. Then accidentally went to an escort bar. A few reasons I surmised this:

1) on arrival we were pounced on by 2 women in questionable outfits

2) they presented me with cushions in the shape on women's bums in thongs

3) they tried to charge us 100 quid for 3 bottles of beer.

Went to the biggest wasabi farm in Japan at Hottaka for wasabi ice-cream and peas and sea weed. At the train station cafe we met a Buddist who was a drummer and roadie in the 70's for Emerson Lake and Palmer! What a legend, he gave us free satsumas.

Random facts this week include rabbit obsessions- Maybe they are lucky? Isakayas- cheapest way to eat out. 'Traditional Japanese' = futons - you miss beds after a while!

5 days up in Japanese alps at Hakuba I only fell over twice, once in the gate and once when we accidentally ended up on a red run. Hmm. Stunning scenery and rammed full of Aussies on holidays and Kiwis doing alternating ski seasons. Apparently we experienced what is know in the trade as a 'Powder Day' which I totally 'Carved and Shredded' Ho hum.

Just in Nagano now so better
The hint it was an escort barThe hint it was an escort barThe hint it was an escort bar

I have somehow aquired spectacles. They are fun on a night out. I feel like Clarke Kent
sign off and get ready for the snow monkeys!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love

A x

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Neil at WasabiNeil at Wasabi
Neil at Wasabi

Daio Wasabi farm - it was a pretty walk
Hakuba backpackersHakuba backpackers
Hakuba backpackers

The view from our hostel

12th January 2012

bum cushions
I think Ikea should start sellling these, talking point, and genuinely comfortable looking. G string adds a bit of sparkle to a 3 piece, and if you are ever out of knickers, you could always borrow them from your sofa... Loving the bloggalicious, enjoy snow monkeys. x x x

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