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June 15th 2008
Published: June 15th 2008
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MTV Week

The next week in Japan was spent with MTV. We had a tour bus day with Teppi where he showed us around the city with his filming crew. When we got to the MTV studio they gave us each a flag representing our home countries, got a quick brief and we were on our way. While we were on the bus Teppi gave Ania, Luiza and I a challenge, we had to go to a store in Harajuko and find a shirt we liked. Unfortunately the ones I wanted were quickly picked by the girls so my selection got that much smaller, I went with a black and white shirt that had a Japanese symbol on it representing a Japanese king also known as Tono. The team voted and it was between dancing-Luiza, samurai - Ania and king-Kareem hahahaha…Luiza got up and started to dance and stole the show… then again who can beat a Brazilian dancer, well done Luiza!

After the challenge we went to a meditation house where we all sat on the floor and meditated for a small period of time. Actually the master lit some incense and we sat there until it was out. The catch was that if you moved, the master would come and tap you or if you put your hands together like they do in India when they greet some one saying namaste, the master would come and tap you on your back. He gave Teppi all he had but when it came to the girls he went a little soft. It is said that when you get tapped it's like the devil is leaving your body so I guess Teppi had a big one!

The day was spent cruising all over Tokyo experiencing different things in Tokyo, I can go on forever but to make it short…the team that lost the challenge in Shanghai had to go on a massive drop zone ride at a 50 year old theme park and film their facial expressions on the MTV cameras but if the footage was not of MTV satisfaction we had to do it again, they strapped John with a camera and on the second take we got it. When we got to the top we had an amazing view of the city while our bodies were lifted in the air getting a little airborne. Some punishment for losing in Shanghai… it was more like a reward!

So much happened in Japan … one night Akona, Ben and I went to Club Asia to do some filming for the Tokyo film and got to interview the DJs. That was really cool because we had a monopod and I filmed like a superstar. I really feel like I grasped the whole night and with monopod I got the action of every angle. I love my job and the work I do because I feel productive and most importantly I am contributing to our universal goal creating good content. What made this night original was the collaborations of artist and generals of music. I got the opportunity to interview the DJs thanks to my press media all access pass. When we got to see them we all relaxed on the couch and had a conversation with key questions, I love real people. Like when I went to Mexico I was interviewing local celebrities left right and centre and they all had nothing to say or were more concerned by how they looked on camera. Not these guys, they had kids, families and jobs, but lucky for them they truly love what they do and they don’t let the fame get to them and it shows. That night was a good night in Japan I worked hard, got to interview some really cool down to earth people and left late or early enough for the first train back to Roppengi.

Stephanie and Takashi were the producers for the video in Tokyo and found some cool spots for us to check out and film. We went to one spot called ‘Ninja’ where everyone is dressed up in costume and the venue looks like a gateway into an old school style Japan city. Prior to that we went to a place called Belta Salone, which looked like a secret lounge area because Stephanie had to have her fingerprint scanned prior to us going there. It even said her name when she scanned her finger. It was cool, it kind of looked like a James Bond movie. We got inside and the venue had a bunch of different style rooms with virtual simulations of golf, Nintendo Wii, karaoke, lcd/plasma screens and really nice couches. I liked that concept because you can go to this secret place with your friends and have a good time doing loads of active stuff while you enjoy your cocktails. One night Diageo took us out to a sushi place right above the restaurant where Kill Bill was filmed, I tried to take a picture of me doing some crazy ninja movies but it just looked silly.


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