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June 14th 2008
Published: June 15th 2008
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Concert of a lifetime

While John and I were in Shabuya we went to some of the local music stores like Tower Records and HMV to get some club flyers to find something original. While we were going through over 100 flyers I came across a flyer for a concert called Springroove 2008. It had a great line-up… but the ticket was something like 11,000 yen which in Canadian dollars you subtract the last two 00 and you get 110 bucks ouch! That’s a dent in my pocket! Lucky for me I informed the local Diageo team about the event and a gentlemen by the name of Yoshida kindly told me he would get back to me, little did I know I would have 4 tickets for the Smirnoff hip-hop lovers to go and experience. Yoshida if you’re reading this, thank you once again because that had to have been one of the most memorable things I have done on this trip.

Akona Benjamin III, Luiza and I set sail at around 1pm and got there about an hour later, it was cool because we got onto the JR line and took the train outside Tokyo to city called Makari to the Makuharimessa arena. The train was packed with people and teenagers in their funky outfits all excited for this massive spring festival. We got there a little early so we found a place on the floor and watched the masses walk by. I love going to festivals in cities: I went to one in Argentina for Tiesto, one in Brazil called Experience and now one in Japan called Springroove, and every time I felt like I really got to know the local people and music scene. … It was truly an unexplainable overwhelming experience. Every song I memorised not intentionally but just because I love commercial music was preformed live before my mesmerized eyes. All the classics form the last couple of year's…good times and all in Japan who would of known?!


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