Why You Should Visit the Gadget Town of Akihabara, Japan

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January 17th 2019
Published: January 17th 2019
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There are certain places every tech enthusiast must go; Akihabara in Japan is absolutely one of them. While companies like RS Components can provide all the techy products you’ll ever need, being in the hub of gadget wizardry is another experience entirely. Sometimes, you must visit these places for yourself to believe how far things have progressed and developed.

Akihabara is a district in Tokyo, a haven for all geeks and nerds to indulge their pastimes to their hearts content. Every gadget-based hobby has a home here.

Subsequently, here are a few more reasons as to why you should visit Akihabara, Japan.

Yodobashi Akiba

In 2012, Charlie Booker voiced a few criticisms of the place where ‘geeks are the mainstream’, stating that while things like remote control tissue boxes were impressive, he never felt the need to actually buy anything. Well, that’s his loss; the eight storey Yodobashi Akiba building, however, challenges his argument in every way.

The Yodobashi Akiba is the hub of all the electronic gadgetry you could ever wish for. There are hundreds of variations of headphones, televisions, phones, gaming consoles and even the odd hoover. Put simply, everything is there in one place, even the power supplies needed to juice up all the tech on offer. To cap it all off, a lavish restaurant can be found up on the top floor, meaning you could theoretically bunker down in this place for hours and hours at a time.

The Geek District

Affectionately dubbed as the ‘geek district’, Akihabara is a haven for enthusiasts of all thing’s geeky, including tech and anime. Of course, those two things are often intertwined in Japan, whether it’s the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ series or some other manga or anime that explores the horrors, and stunning developments, of tech.

For example, if you’re a fan of all thing’s anime, then you’re pretty much a fan of Akihabara already! The place is rife with shops specialising in all of it, from the latest television series and films to the offshoots of endless memorabilia surrounding each. Cosplay, arcade games, manga – it’s all here, and the gadgets on offer are often embroiled with all the branding. It’s all celebrated, as well as sold.

Aside from the relentless branding efforts, you can barely move in an inch without stumbling into an independent shop that sells computers, games, phones and more. It’s all connected, and there’s a thriving culture at play that rejoices in the geeky gadget world. In the end, the electric district is action packed, and there’ll always be something to take your fancy.


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