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Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Hagi June 9th 2019

Hagi Domain Meirinkan School As we left the Hagi Grand Hotel Tenku, we walked down on Yoshida-cho Dori. We popped in the pottery shop and walked past historic buildings. It took approximately 25 minutes on foot from our hotel to Meirinkan School. We entered the ground from Kantoku Gate and started looking round Yūbikan Building. A volunteer guide was there and showed and explained to me that this wooden building was used for military training and tournaments with spears and swords and historic buildings e.g. South Gate, Suiren Pool and Meirin Gakusha on the site. Historic wooden building of Former Hagi Domain School looked beautiful from any angle. I was told that No.1 and No.2 buildings are designated as Tangible Cultural Property and these buildings were used as school fairly recently and have recently become the ... read more
Yamaguchi Sake
Shoin Jinja
Shokason Juku

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Hagi June 9th 2019

It was rainy and windy at night of 24th April. The weather forecasts on the TV said that the weather would be changed and the temperature would plummet all over in Japan from 25th April: like Britain, the weather is changeable in spring in Japan. Looking at the weather in Hagi, it would remain cloudy but the temperature would drop to 17 degree. On 25th April – we planned visiting west and south part of Hagi; we were to catch the westbound bus called ‘Shinsaku-kun’ from outside of our hotel. There was a Western-looking couple at the bus stop. They got on the same bus and seemed to be struggling to find out the ways to get by (there wasn’t very much English information on the bus). One of them had noticed that I was speaking ... read more
Arched Bridge, Shizuki Park
Tea House
East garden

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Hagi October 21st 2008

Hagi City is a island city just off the Honshu mainland in South-West area of Japan. It is probably best known for its fine pottery and ancient kilns that are still running. A very picturesque place that is a hot spot for romantic getaways - unfortunately I went with my friend Ryan instead of my girlfriend. Well we arrived in Hagi after quite a long train ride from Tsuwano, about three hours. The train went along the coast after Hamada city and the views were a real spectacle. It was a really nice sunny day and we turned up at Hagi station with no real clue what the place was going to be like. We took a taxi and asked to go to a hotel near the beach as a day of relaxation on the beach ... read more
View from Hotel
Boat Ride
Famous Pottery

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Hagi April 8th 2006

With the cherry blossoms in bloom and the weather warm and sunny, we decided to take the coastal road south to the small historical city of Hagi in the neighbouring prefecture of Yamaguchi. There was much civil unrest back in the 1850s - possibly on account of barking dogs and directionally-impaired taxi drivers - and the samurai, along with peasants and ill-tempered koi fish, overthrew the ruling local government and ushered in an era of heated toilet seats and vending machines. I quite like Hagi. The surrounding mountainscape is wonderful, it's full of historical sites covering several eras, and the coastal views are better than in Masuda. Just outside of town is a not-so-imposing dormant volcano, Kasa-yama, named so because it's shaped like an umbrella. At the summit there are plenty of cherry trees and lots ... read more
Ready, aim...

Asia » Japan » Yamaguchi » Hagi August 12th 2005

I left Matsue on the 7.30am train on Wednesday and it was defintiely a struggle to get up that early. I had to be up at 5.45 just to get to the train station on time becasue I had to walk and catch a different local train and a bus, but I got there. The train trip to Hagi was very long, it took about 5 hours all up and I had to transfer at a little place called Masuda. The train I caught from Masuda was a cute little one carraige train, it was even called a "one-man car"! Although the trip was long it went along the west coast of Japan and the scenery was fantastic, the views of the sea were really good, it was an aqua blue colour. When I arrived In ... read more
Hagi park
Hagi castle ruins
Mountain trail

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