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Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Tanabe May 24th 2020

So after spending a short time in Los Angeles, in March 2019, I flew from LA to Osaka with Japan Airlines. As previously commented, I had decided to try and do self guided hikes, so again booked with World Expeditions for a Kumano Kodo, Coast to Coast Self Guided trip. It was for 10 days and included accomodation, luggage transfer and most meals. Having landed in Osaka, I had booked a hotel in Wakayame so I had easy access to the station to Tanabe the next day. Luckily for me, it was cherry blossom season and a walk from the hotel was the Wakayame Castle which was lovely to see with the cherry blossoms in full colour. After a nights rest, I caught the flight down to Tanabe, about a two hour trip. I checked in ... read more
Kumano Kodo
Kumano Kodo
Kumano Kodo

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan September 11th 2019

Każdy relaksuje się na swój sposób. Czasami życie uniemożliwia rzeczywisty odpoczynek, czasami sami dokonujemy wyboru spędzenia czasu w sposób, który nie jest w rzeczywistości fizyczną "labą". Mimo, że odległość jaka dzieli Kawaguchiko i Koyasan to ok 476 km, to przyzwyczajeni do faktu, że w Japonii pokonuje się takie trasy Shinkansenami w 2-3 h zupełnie pomineliśmy przy planowaniu czas jaki potrzebny będzie nam na przejechanie z jednej miejscowości do drugiej. Więc wczorajszy dzień miał być dniem zasłużonego odpoczynku po stawianiu czoła tajfunowi na Fuji-san. Niestety nie był. Gdy wieczorem w poniedziałek zaczęliśmy planować nasza podróż za pomocą aplikacji Japan Transit Planner (polecam! ), wyliczyła ona, że podróż zajmie nam około 7,5 h! Sprawdziłem jeszcze raz wprowadzając korektę dotyczącą JR pass i faktu, że nie możemy korzy... read more
Ulice Koyasan.

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan May 18th 2019

I omitted to mention that there are no keys to the doors of the room but there is an inside lock. At 7:30 am there was a commotion in the hall as breakfast was served. This was a six or seven course meal including tea and soup. If you don’t lock the doors the boys come charging back in later, calling out their greeting as they cleared up the breakfast things. A few minutes later I had gone back to bed, they came in with clean pyjamas, and clean towels and to make the bed. They saw that I was not interested in getting up so they crept out. Wherever we stayed there were pyjamas and/or a yakuta which you can sleep in. These are changed every day. In the monastery there is a very strict ... read more

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Tanabe » Hongu August 25th 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! I slept like a log during the night and the first thing I did when I wok up was to check the status on my camera. Unfortunately it was still taking photos as if I was standing in a fog, I decided to try it out during the day and if necessary switch to my mobile phone which was luckily in good shape. I went down and picked up the hairdryer again and took a photo of them next to each other as to not forget the life-saving (or phone-saving) process. My clothes was all still moist and even my sutra had taken a hit yesterday although it was still readable. As I looked outside the window I could see that the storms had finally subsided even though it was still an ... read more
Praying to the Kumano Sansho Gongen
Photo of the Ōtorii (Great Torii) with Camera
Photo of the Ōtorii (Great Torii) with Mobile Phone

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Tanabe » Nonaka August 24th 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! I slept well last night despite the storm raging outside. I woke up once due to a loud signal, I don't know if it was a warning or an all-clear signal but I had no problems going back to sleep afterwards. My day started early with a sturdy breakfast before I set out on the road again. I left together with the Hawaiian couple I met yesterday but since they were using the luggage transportation service they were able to move considerably faster than me and soon pulled away from me. When I came to two small sculptures of Jizō at the end of the village I bowed before them and wished for a safe journey today. For the time being it wasn't raining, but I had a feeling that the typhoon ... read more
Praying to the Kumano Sansho Gongen
Broken Post at the Daimon-ōji
Large Grasshopper

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Tanabe » Takahara August 23rd 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! After another night's good sleep I felt fully ready to take on the Kumano Kodō pilgrimage trail. I ate a light breakfast together with Kenichi and Yumiji while we watched the news about the typhoon. It seems like I'm in for a rough walk and the Japanese government are advising people to stay indoors in the Tanabe region. I won't be discouraged by this though, I figure that as long as I keep my wits about me and trek with care I should be fine. We said our goodbyes for this year and I made my way over to the Osaka Tenman-gū to ask about the shuin as a memory of the wonderful and lifesaving time I've spent here with Kenichi and Yumiji. When I arrived at the shrine I made my ... read more
Receiving the Shuin (Seal Stamp)
View from the Bus
Kumano Kodō Kan Pilgrimage Centre

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan August 22nd 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! I slept exceptionally well last night and when I woke up this morning I felt completely restored. The last remnants of pain in my legs and feet was gone and I really felt a sense of hope and anticipation for the six days of hiking that lay ahead of me with start tomorrow. For today however I still had a full day of exploring the rest of Mount Kōya ahead of me before returning to Osaka to meet with Kenichi and Yumiji again to spend one more night at their place before the third and longest part of my pilgrimage begins. The morning began with an early morning service at 6.30 am and there were actually quite a lot of guests that were attending it. To my disappointment though it didn't really ... read more
Praying to Buddha
Shōjin Ryōri (Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine)
Enkō-dō (Enkō Hall)

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan August 21st 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! (I apologise that it has taken me so long to continue my writings from my last trip to Japan) This morning I woke up feeling a bit more rested after a good night's sleep. I ate a light breakfast, consisting of various fruits, together with Kenichi and Yumiji before they left for work. I decided to go and visit the Osaka Tenman-gū before I went to the train bound for Mount Kōya. My legs was still sore as hell from climbing Mount Fuji over the past two days so my decision to take the cable car rather than hiking up Mount Kōya still remained. Fortunately Kenichi and Yumiji were kind enough to let me leave a large portion of my things at their home. I just brought a change of clothes, my ... read more
Tombs of Takeda Shingen and Takeda Katsuyori
Kōyasan Chōishi-michi Pilgrimage Trail
Tombs of the Mōri Clan of the Yamaguchi Prefecture

Asia » Japan » Wakayama April 16th 2018

Off we go to the Pacific Coast once again...zipping through Osaka to the unsung city of Wakayama. Our Japan Rail line gives us a view of a peninsular town surrounded by waterways. It looks like a port town, and that working end is connected by several bridges to the core. The train station is shocking to our systems for its lack of people, the streets and traffic likewise. Not many tourists have this spot on their itinerary and we’re asked more than once why we came here. Our hotel has given us the gift of a ‘castle-view’ on the 15th floor - gazing over a pretty re-creation of another legacy of my favourite shogun, Wakayama Castle. Built on a hill in the middle of the city in the 1500s, it has a similar moat and sloped ... read more
Castle view
Today’s tuna specimen

Asia » Japan » Wakayama April 8th 2018

La grue du Japon (Grus japonensis) est un des plus grands oiseaux du monde. Elle est également surnommée grue des immortels en référence à ses relations avec les immortels, divinités du Taoïsme, car elle porte souvent les immortels sur son dos dans la mythologie taoïste. Au Japon, elle est nommée tanchō (丹頂?) « sommet vermillon », En voici trois, la première croisée au Byodo in à Uji et la deuxième sur la côte de la péninsule de Kii. Quant à la troisième, c'est un origami de bienvenue à l'hôtel APA de Kyoto.... read more

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