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May 3rd 2017
Published: June 5th 2017
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Awashijinja in kanda, Wakayama prefecture is a pretty spooky place. As most people know, Japanese "religion" is a syncretic cake of shinto animism,buddhism, and a bit of christianity thrown in as icing. Objects have such power and significance that if they are mistreated,they will come back to haunt you;the basis of a lot of the yokai found in Hao Miyazaki films and Shigeru Mizuki manga.

Awashijinja is the repository for the most dangerous objccts of all,the doll. all dolls can be sent here when broken or no longer loved,and you can see all types,liitle girl dolls, samurai dolls,elephant dolls , even(completely harmless say the Japanese)


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