December 21-28: Christmas in America

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January 18th 2008
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San Francisco!!!San Francisco!!!San Francisco!!!

Ahhhhh...sunny California!
I caved. I decided to go home for Christmas, but only for a very brief short week. Even though I didn’t really do all that much, like go out and visit people places, it was nice just to be hanging around the house sometimes. This was the first Christmas since bachan had her stroke and the first Christmas even only having Grandma over to Christmas Eve brunch, so the holidays this year felt different not only because I had been living in a different place, but also because it felt like I had returned to a different place.

But all in all, it was a happy holiday. California was sunny and clear, the food was abundant and I got to see all of my family. Santa came just like every year and Jichan was, like every year, the only one singing Silent Night in tune. It felt really natural being in America and very comfortable being around family again. I ate so much food…

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my room!my room!
my room!

reunited with my bedroom...
brent and his homegirlbrent and his homegirl
brent and his homegirl

Christmas shopping with brent
Morgan HillMorgan Hill
Morgan Hill

the view from my room
new haircutnew haircut
new haircut

I decided to get my hair cut at home because I don't want to let the Japanese butchers...oops, I mean barbers, ruin my hair and make it all crazy and teased out and ratted at the bottom and orange.... EW...I just realized I think I kind of look like mom...
Good ol' BARTGood ol' BART
Good ol' BART

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system...much more simple than trains in Japan, but much less extensive...

I went up to Berkeley to have lunch and beer with Miwa and all nostalgic and stopped by the campus on the way!
Sather GateSather Gate
Sather Gate

U.C. Berkeley central campus

the stupid fountain is always full of bubbles

Me, Miwa and Haruka after stuffing our faces with burgers, margaritas and yogurt park on the steps of Sproul Hall.
Wheeler HallWheeler Hall
Wheeler Hall

Biggest lecture hall on campus, seats over 700 students.
Christmas Eve BrunchChristmas Eve Brunch
Christmas Eve Brunch

Our Christmas Eve brunch where we always have over the Hatakeyama grandparents for ham and scalloped potatoes.

Behind Brent's huge head is the christmas tree and presents! We all open our family presents on Christmas Eve before we take off for Fresno!
Evan and GrandmaEvan and Grandma
Evan and Grandma

Grandma definitely cashed out this Christmas...she had enough presents that she opened some at our house and then saved some for later...

After Christmas brunch and presents, the eating is briefly halted for 2 hours until we get to Fresno...where we continue to eat...

19th January 2008

sniff sniff
crying because im so happy haha
20th January 2008

aly says you look demonic in your new haircut picture oh wait now she's changing her story to alien. she thinks you're an alien. <3

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