Days 16-20: October 2-6, 2009

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October 6th 2009
Published: October 6th 2009
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Days 16-20: October 2-6, 2009

So I went for my other set of classes on the 2nd. They all seem to be pretty cool. I have my Japanese class and Development of Japanese Civilization class --which seems to be pretty awesome by the way. Karsunn is in my Japanese Civ. Class too, so I know someone in there as well 😊

On the way home, I met Alex who invited me to go out to Karaoke with them. Then I met John who wanted (and convinced me) to go out to Shinjuku with him and some other people. Shinjuku was a lot of fun, and the way there was a lot more fun…, but Lita and I had to take Staci home around 11 because the poor thing was laying down at the bar. I feel quite accomplished being able to both hold myself up on the train, and hold someone else up on the train as well 😊 We had a really good time though.

On the 3rd, we went out for lunch, where I got an oyakodon. Basically it egg and chicken on top of rice, but the kanji literally mean child and parent… No complaints though, it was rather delicious; even if there were a lot of onions in it… I was pretty lazy the rest of the day though… But on an extremely bright note, a Mr. Hideo, who follows my blog, e-mailed me and offered to show some friends and me around Kamakura one day! It’s really nice to have someone offer to help me. I’m also sorry if it seems like I whine a lot in this blog, it’s not my intention, I promise! It’s just hard starting out in a new country. Thanks again for your kindness Hideo-san!

On the 4th, I took Lita to Harajuku to get her a phone. It didn’t take as long as it took when Alice and I tried to get ours together, so it’s wasn’t so bad. Plus, because I brought Lita in, my White Plan fee gets waved for like, 5 months, of which I will only be in Japan for 4 before I cancel the whole darn thing. So now I’m going to pay less than 5 bucks a month for my phone 😊

We went and ate Tai food, and then made our way over to Meiji Jingu. There were some street performers whom I took pictures of. Meiji Jingu is SO beautiful! It’s weird to be surrounded by buildings and crowded streets one second, and then be completely surrounded by trees the next. I did the rinsing of the hands and mouth thing correctly, but I totally screwed up the clapping, bowing thing; I’ll get it right next time… There was also a wedding going on, so I got lots of cool pictures of that too (I hope they didn’t mind, everyone else was taking pictures too).

We left Harajuku kind of early so that we could do homework and laundry, which I eventually did…
One the 5th, I went to school again, found out I studied the wrong kanji for the test, but I still got at least half of it right; I’ll just have to work harder later on to make up for it. I bought my books for around $110, which is a record low for buying books! Which makes me feel better about spending so much money the first week I was here. It’s expensive to live here! It rained, though, and I forgot my umbrella, which wasn’t very pleasant. It’s cold when it rains here… I’ve also been getting a lot of headaches lately… But I’m still taking my vitamins and stuff, so I should be ok.

On the 6th, I woke up with a swollen lymph node, which usually means I’m coming down with something… crap… I feel okay except for the headaches and being tired all the time, but I’ll make sure to be extra careful. It rained again today, but I wore a sweater and remembered my umbrella, so it was slightly better. I’ve just been kind of lazy, so I decided to finally update my blog, since I’ve been procrastinating 😊 I also hear there’s a typhoon out there that’s supposed to hit us next week, but Sophia hasn’t cancelled classes in at least 2 years, so the only way we’ll get out of classes is if they shut down the metro, or if Godzilla attacks; I can hope… I’ll make sure to do some extra grocery shopping before it hits.

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Staci at the train stationStaci at the train station
Staci at the train station

She's leaning on my legs

It talks about how France gave Japan wine for the Meiji restoration, etc.
Stuffed AnimalsStuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals

I guess people give them as offerings; I'm really not sure. There are a lot of pikachus in there though; even a mickey pikachu
Spider at Meiji JinguSpider at Meiji Jingu
Spider at Meiji Jingu

There are spiders everywhere in this place
Salmon onigiriSalmon onigiri
Salmon onigiri

My first onigiri :D

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