Day 5: September 21, 2009

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September 21st 2009
Published: September 21st 2009
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Day 5: September 21, 2009,

The flan parfait-ice-cream-thingie wasn’t that bad

Talked to mom and dad for a big this morning, then got a shower. Eventually I’m gonna study for that placement exam, I promise ;p

Three of us who went out last night rode bikes to donkyote to get supplies for survival, and the place is packed with all sorts of stuff and a lot of people. The seat of the bike was too high, and my big but on a seat that small (and slanted upwards…) was the most miserable thing I’ve been through so far. It’s still hard to sit down… But we went to the store and I ended up spending somewhere around 40 dollars, and then we rode back. I was in front, so I was going really fast. I felt bad for John and Fox, but my butt hurt too bad to slow down (sorry guys!),

We got back and I ate some of the stuff I bought for lunch. FYI, nacho cheese Doritos in Japan are A LOT different from the ones in America. I think I’m gonna have my mom send me some food in the next care package…

Did my laundry, and it took like, 3 hours to dry. I’m just hanging them up on the line next time, this is too expensive…

Because this is the first night I haven’t gone out since the night I got here, I’m relishing in my rest, and minute studying. I think I’ll go to bed early this evening too. My butt could use a better rest.


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