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March 26th 2018
Published: March 26th 2018
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After our very cold and wet day on tour it was lovely to wake to almost sunshine and no rain. It was still very cold with a top of 15c to look forward to. We decided to hang out in the motel lobby as we couldn’t get into our little house until 3pm. Keiko was still looking after us all and making sure we got on the right buses and flights – reckon she was going well above the call of duty but she was also the one who had organised wake up calls for everyone for the first 2 days of the tour! Of course 5 mins before our bus to the station was due, I had to go to the toilet. and as I ran back was greeted by Keiko asking why I hadn’t gone to the ones right behind me instead the ones at the other end of the hotel? Yeh, it would definitely have made more sense, but I’m never about doing things logically. We bundled into the bus and easily found our train line and bought tickets. We arrived at our house little before 3 and stood in the street admiring all the cherry blossom trees.
What we discovered down a little side street in OsakaWhat we discovered down a little side street in OsakaWhat we discovered down a little side street in Osaka

Well, we didn't really discover it....our guide took us there.
Our little house for 5 days was everything we had hoped for….large, comfortable, clean and close to the station and heaps of shops. We settled in and then went for a walk to get a ‘lay of the land’ and find somewhere to eat. There were soooo many restaurants to choose from and we had wandered down to the canel which was flanked by hundreds of cherry blossom trees just about to burst. Would you believe we ended up at a British pub looking out over the street eating fish n’ chips and chicken with vegetables?! We drank scotches and sambucca while watching the busyness of Meguro from 2 stories up on a brilliant night. Our plans for the next day were still a little foggy (possibly from scotch and sambucca) but we didn’t care as we could now be as flexible as we liked. We had found a book on walking tours around Tokyo so that gave us some great ideas - along with all the research I had done from Lonely Planet info. The weather forecast was still cold but no rain to speak of, so watch out Tokyo here we come!

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Glico girl?Glico girl?
Glico girl?

Just doing what everyone else was doing in Osaka that day
Awww's a selfieAwww's a selfie
Awww's a selfie

Mal's xmas present put to good use.

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