Rocky Horror-mitsu and the real McKoi

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October 5th 2017
Published: October 5th 2017
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The Rocky Horror-mitsu show and the real McKoi

Once more back to the couch, and the pain, I really had forgotten, and this traditional Tebori method was really quite painful. Horimitsu was the first apprentice of the legendary Horitoshi, an artist, expensive, difficult to get to see and a really nice guy, we hit it off from the start, wonderful!

I have a new/old Koi and a new friend.

Staying in a guesthouse, a smallish house divided into 10 tiny boxlike rooms. I drew the short straw, no window, terrible living in a room without natural light, I feel trapped, claustro, waking and not knowing the time. But meeting lovely people, from all over, like a time warp....rocky horror? .....back to the 70’s.....a bunch of travellers sitting up on the roof, drinking beer and solving the world’s problems.

Everywhere No eye contact, very disconcerting, on the metro, on the street... people out walking their dogs, even the dogs don’t make eye contact, walking to the station yesterday I came across this 2m snake, still no eye contact.

On the trains almost everyone stares at their phone.....looking over shoulders I see people are staring at the calculator, or the home It’s like it’s compulsory. It certainly avoids eye contact.

On the platforms everyone queues very carefully but the queue stretches right across the platform so if you’re trying to walk along the platform......I don’t think so.

Waiting for the train, another hour and I’m out of here

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Million year old temple, 20 year old towerMillion year old temple, 20 year old tower
Million year old temple, 20 year old tower

Look closely and you’ll see they’ve hacked into the comms tower behind

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