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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 30th 2010

Being awakened by my mother- and sister-in-law is only made sweet by it being in Japan. On the subject of sweet, we had breakfast again at the bakery - custard and jam danishes, juice and coffee. Went to Shinjuku, to see the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Circumnavigated it almost completely before we found the entrance. Huge and beautiful gardens - a national park orginially created as a garden for the royal family. Checked out mainly the Japanese gardens, left the European ones out. Saw some turtles, fish and also some witches near the Taiwanese wedding gift house. We had some fun hiding from Erin until it backfired and she wandered off anyway in the opposite direction. Spent some time in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Played a game called “see how many girly shops we can visit in ... read more
yummy breakfast beverages
local wench in shinjuku gyoen national garden
hiding from erin

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku May 19th 2010

Today was my cultural assignment. We went to Yasukuni Shrine. Thanks to Professor Tom Haven's I had books and lectures upon lectures worth of information on it. After warning everyone else to be VERY VERY respectful when we were there. We set off, after seeing the shrine we went into the Museum, i have no photo's as they were not allowed, but it was very powerful. Afterwords me and some other stopped at Mc Donalds on the way back. Tonight was a easy night. I meet and drank with some people from the University of Wisconsin, Green bay. Than got some went to dinner with Kendal and Jess, I got ramen which was good. Afterwords we saw Professor Roc and Professor Wallin on the way back.... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku May 18th 2010

Today we went to Shinjuku. Went went up the towers and i got some good Pictures. as well as Mapped out the events of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Where Domone meets master Asia and then where he meets the Shuffle Alliance at Tokyo Tower. After that we explored Shinjuku we went to a place called don quixote's we then went to a arcade. But we found out we went there as Hanna wanted to get us into a Photo booth. After that Koheah had set up some dinner for Libya's birthday. The food was intersting . . . . . afterwards we went to karaoke this time we had three different rooms. It was a lot of fun that night.... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku April 27th 2010

Hello all, It all started so well when we knew we were getting the exit row on the plane. 9 Hours and a backache later we landed. Customs took our rib fillet off us, despite all assurances from super butcher. An email is already being drafted... The infrastructure in this place is amazing; there are roads on top of roads on top of railways on top of rivers on top of subways... A good portion of the city is underground! We arrived at our hotel around 8:30 on Saturday, we went for a bite to eat and while we were returning home it started to hail. That must mean good luck in some parts of the world. We have visited a few places already and Troy was in heaven in Akihabara where all the building is ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku March 18th 2010

Insomnia is a bitch! I did everything I could to beat jetlag, as soon as I got on the plane I was thinking in Japanese time, I ate when they ate etc, I also stayed up until around 1a.m. I ended up having a few drinks last night in the local bar, a cultural mixing pot, I met two Aussies, a Kiwi, a Canadian, two S. Africans and a couple of Yanks; I also met a few of the locals who like to enjoy the company of travelers like myself. I set alarms so I wasn’t going to oversleep but these weren’t necessary and after a long and with the exception of three hours) sleepless night I waited just as I said I would I waited for Mena at the station. I was waiting at the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku March 17th 2010

Japan Feb/March 2010 after spending a night of 'free accom' at KL international airport (where I wrote my last entry, played with the luggage trollies & ate KFC for a wonderful 4am snack!) i finally caught my flight to Narita, Tokyo. My arrival in Japan was the most eventful so far. I landed at the same time as Ola, Maz & Hart (tho they were on a different flight from Australia). Going thru customs/immigration check point, I handed over my entry card where under the "address in Japan" section I had simply written "Onsen" coz that's all I could remember about the place we were going to for snowboarding. This didnt seem to please the Immigration officer & before I knew it I was being ushered into a side office with an official who was thoroughly ... read more
cute french cafe
our daily view
Photo 23

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku October 27th 2009

Our final full day in Japan! and we did absolutely sweet f.a, but it was totally great. Jared and Angela left super early in the morning so didn't really get a chance to say bye to them which was a shame, poor Zoe left alone in bed.. ha! Also I made sure that I set an alarm to get up early because originally for our last night we weren't allowed to stay in our Tatami room because it was already booked, so we were going to move into the regular beds. However after all that, after waking up and making Tomo get out of bed I notice a sign on the door saying that we were alright to stay in our room and didn't have to move.. so we went literally straight back to bed and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku October 22nd 2009

Scababadabadoooo. We had such a lazy day! Woke up with a killer hangover, felt like I was dying so passed out back into bed about 12 and slept straight through all day.. was most definitely needed! I had forgotten what a good sleep felt like. When we finally woke up, Jared (oz dude) and his travelling partner Angela came with us for a meal. We decided on Indian.. we had been craving it ALL day! Good god it felt good to be eating a curry again, I almost felt at home.. almost. It was a little overpriced but delicious all the same! Chicken Dopiaza at its best. We continued our lazy day in style by all of us crashing out in our Hut room drinking 100 yen (thats about 70p) vodka and lemon cans and watching ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku October 21st 2009

Had quite a nice sleep last night! Toko and Julie and Claire (irish girls) left today :( sad times. That:s one of the worst things about hostels, people come and go so quickly. Just as you're getting to know them.. poof, they're gone! We finally made it to the photography museum in Ebisu today. The one that we attempted to go to on Monday but it was closed. The gallery was pretty cool, some of it was a little pointless but it was semi-interesting to see! We pigged out on food so much while in Ebisu. Just kept buying stuff to eat for no reason.. this place is lethal! you can't help but eat. After the gallery we went to a restaurant in Shinjuku. More goddamn food! Some of it was delicious but the tofu salad ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku October 16th 2009

What an amazing day! Just arrived in Tokyo and just as we were walking through I realised I forgot my pillow and had to run back onto the plane, duh! The weather is incredible and Japan is just like you imagine it. Little hut style houses everywhere!! So once at the airport we got the train to Shinjuku which was pretty expensive but a very long journey. Loved the trains, totally poo all over Virgin trains back home. Once in Shinjuku we got the shinjuku subway line to Akebonobashi, 2 stops from Shinjuku which is where our hostel is. Found it pretty easily and absolutely love our hostel! Its called The Ace Inn. We have only booked it for 4 days but most likely will extend as its perfect location and very friendly. We have free ... read more

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