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April 23rd 2015
Published: April 23rd 2015
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peanutbutter chocolatepeanutbutter chocolatepeanutbutter chocolate

Elizabeth brought them as omiyage
Today was a fun day.To start things off the weather was lovely. So lovely in fact that I was quite sweaty by the time I came to school.
At school I observed a double period lesson with one of the classes I will be teaching next week. I made use of Yamazaki sensei's request to help te students with their English while they were preparing for their presentations on Beauty and the Beast to quiz each group on the part of the story they would be retelling. I was very happy to find that all groups could retell the story when I asked them questions about it. True, some group members had more trouble donig it than others but at least I felt safe enough to say that now that they had interacted me in a class setting they will not be too scared to come up with output when I will teach them next week. The lesson I'm going to do with them will be full of visitors both from inside school and from university so students not responding would be a nightmare.
Later in the afternoon I did my first interview with a teacher. Yamazaki sensei was kind enough to sit down with me to answer my questions and ven better: his answers will definitely be very insightfull when I write my paper.
I headed home relatively early again (with 45-minutes roster and nothing for me to do after class there really is no point in me staying at school). I thought about visiting the gardens that are right around the corner from my home but I found that they close after 16:30 and you cannot enter after 16:00. Well, some other time then, I am quite curious to see what they are like!
Although I had hoped to eat the treats I had picked up at wakoshi station while sitting outside with my book I went home instead and had an early dinner. After catching up with my youtube feed I decided it was time to wash my hair. So I grabbed my things and headed for the bathroom. I let the shower fill up the Japanese style bathtub until it was about half way full and curled up in the warm water. It was very nice to relax and splash around a bit. After my bath I found out the tub empties itself on the bathroom floor so that the water can disappear through the shower drain. I guess that is a way to do it.
Now I'm sitting on my bed once again. My hair is still damp and I'm watching a little more youtube. I think I'll go to sleep soon and hopefully have another good night's sleep (last night was a good one too). Tomorrow is Friday! After that I can go explore during the weekend again. So far the imperial palace and harajuku are on my list for this weekend. Toodles

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Message from the patisserieMessage from the patisserie
Message from the patisserie

So they think they get help from Tomte, which I personally think is quite nice :D
Yes, you are looking at croisant with butter and honey crispsYes, you are looking at croisant with butter and honey crisps
Yes, you are looking at croisant with butter and honey crisps

I picked them up a few days ago and they are quite nice... In moderation... Too many of them and I start feeling sick xD
Second treatSecond treat
Second treat


23rd April 2015
Second treat

Hi Murielle, I heard from Ilja that you have this wonderful blog about your trip to Tokyo. I wish you a lot of succes and even more pleasure! Warm wishes: Marja.

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