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August 9th 2004
Published: July 6th 2006
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Tokyo SkyviewTokyo SkyviewTokyo Skyview

View of Tokyo from the sky.
Once again we slept in because the boys were out playing hard until very early in the morning. We went over to Wendy's for a late breakfast and discussed the night before. I was halfway through a frenchfry when J asked E, "So what was the deal with you and the dance fight?". I almost choked on my fry...."What dance fight?" I asked, eyes wide open with curiousity.

Apparently at some point during the night, E (who is not afraid to get out and dance, one of the things I love about him), was dancing with a girl at a club. She was there with more than one person and I guess someone didn't like her dancing with him and they came up and started dancing up in E's face. He did some moves and then moved back. E took this opportunity to then do his moves. They went back and forth like this a few times and according to J, E was not the victor at the end of the whole ordeal. I am actually surprised that J was able to keep track of it all between the tears of laughter he must have been experiencing.

So story
Another Tokyo SkyviewAnother Tokyo SkyviewAnother Tokyo Skyview

Another view of Tokyo from the sky.
is over, and I start to eat again, when J asks E, "So what did you think when Pokeman started dancing at that one club?". I choke again and exclaim, "Holy crap, sounds like I missed quite the show...okay fill me in on Pokeman." Turns out that while at another club, at one point a person comes in dressed in a complete Pokeman costume, from head to toe, including the shoes. I figure it must have looked like one of those suits you see Mickey in at Disneyland...a little large and over the top (considering the real Pokeman is very short). Anyhow, when he/she came in, some of the other people in the club got very excited and start clapping and shouting. Pokeman started dancing and eventually ended up on a table with all the "fans" dancing around the table waving their arms in the air and chanting "Pokeman". E only had vague memories of this entire event...too much alcohol I assume. J and I teased him for the rest of the morning on how we were going to change the story up when we told all of our other friends and it would end up that E was in a dance fight with Pokeman...

After brunch, we headed back to the hotel to check out, and catch the bus to the airport. It was a short ride. We were able to check out our Mt Fuji sticks and got back home in no time. Overall it was a great trip, even with our bumbles and I am so glad I got a chance to experience Tokyo before moving from Japan.


10th July 2006

dance, dance, dance
Oh how I wish J had that on video....
12th July 2006

Great stories! Wish I was there to see it.

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