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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya April 7th 2014

It was eight years since our last trip to Japan and this time we were here in the season of cherry blossom and clement weather. Having lost most of our photos from the last trip we were back to see what had changed and what was as crazy as ever. The flight with Japan Airlines was great, too many new films to watch as well as fit in some sleep but we did our best. Having arrived at Haneda airport we exchanged our vouchers for Japan Rail passes which allows us unlimited use for most of the train network in Japan and set off into Tokyo. The monorail was plastered with pictures of Pokemon and sped us into the centre as the warm afternoon sun flickered between the tall suburban buildings. Our first hotel was in ... read more
Shinjuku Robots
Uobei Genki Sushi

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya January 21st 2014

I left early morning to get the train from Hakata (Fukuoka) on Kyushu island and arrived in Tokyo about 5pm. I had arranged to meet my friend Joe in central Tokyo at the Hachiko dog statue outside Shibuya station, with the plan of having a coffee with him and taking the sleeper train from Tokyo at 7pm up to Hokkaido in the far north of Japan. I really wanted to see Joe as we haven’t seen each other in a few years and wanting to make the most of my train pass and see the entire island I really wanted to visit it but I hadn’t realised how tiring the travelling was going to be. Really I didn’t have enough energy to do both but I was determined not to miss out on a fabulous opportunity! ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya November 10th 2013

Harajuku and Aoyama Slept in this morning and woke up with Diana shaking my bed ...... Stop snoring! No, that wasn't Diana, it was an earthquake. I suppose a Tokyo way to start your day. We took the train to Harajuku this morning. On the train there was a short explanation on a screen, also in English, that the Yamanote line had a delay of 1 minute. The explanation was also given below: earthquake. I think that might be the only reason why you wouldn't be able to set your watch to the timing of the Japanese train system. Omotesando boulevard is a straight tree lined axis that runs away from Harajuku station. It is one of the few really beautiful tree lined streets in a city where trees struggle to survive. The trees are quite ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya October 1st 2013

It was an uneventful flight across the roof of Asia to Japan with British Airways. We struck it lucky and had three seats for the two of us so were able to spread out and sleep comparatively well. The temperature was a surprise when we got off the plane. It was hot. We were expecting autumnal temperatures a bit like England and Ireland, in the mid to high teens but it was 25 degrees - back into shorts and sun dresses. The Narita Express gives a really good service into Tokyo proper. Narita is 70+ kilometres from Tokyo city and another 20kms to where we were staying so the Express is probably the best way to get into town, fast and direct. Getting off at Shibuya Station was an exercise in orienteering skills. There were so ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya September 11th 2013

Started our day with a visit to the superfamous Meiji Shrine. It was a nice walk up to the shrine and we got there Gene had the idea for us to write out our wishes on the small wooden pine boards can hang. After that we carried on for amazing Ramen noodles in Harajuku, also stopping to take Purikura (photos you take in a booth with colorful unusual backgrounds and then mess with on a machine to add funny hearts and things). Also found a hat for sale in the Dollar store (daiso) and Robyn and Shelby got a sweet crepe. Next on to some shopping in Shibuya. First we went to Tokyu Hands which is an amazing large department store with many floors and lots of cool craft things. I went for a coffee on ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya June 11th 2013

I'm back in Tokyo. This is my third time here; so, I thought I'd blog about it. I seem to have a knack for having horrible, but retrospectively amusing, experiences when I land in Tokyo. In 2011, I was suffering from the cheese pizza I'd had on the plane. I also had to go to Shinjuku to get the key to my apartment -- during rush hour. Shinjuku Station is confusing in any event, but during rush hour, it's madness. Eventually, I found my way to the station where I lived, but spent another four hours trying to find the apartment, in the rain, with a huge suitcase. That was two years ago. This time was actually worse. My flight out of Dallas was delayed, causing me to miss the connection in Atlanta. There was another ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya November 1st 2012

Op donderdag ben ik in Tokyo zelf gebleven en ben ik in de late voormiddag naar het olympisch park geweest dat dienst gedaan heeft in de 1964 olympische zomerspelen. Net als alles hier in Tokyo is ook dit park mooi onderhouden en het park is ook druk bezocht door voornamelijk vrouwen met kinderen en vele joggers en fietsers. Bij het rondkruieren zijn we daar op een 'food competition' gestoten. Daar kwamen vele bekende chefs uit Tokyo bij elkaar om gedurdende 10 dagen uit te maken wie er de beste is. Dat werd besloten aan de hand van het aantal verkochte kaartjes. Om ons niet te laten kennen en ook omdat het er allemaal ook wel lekker uitzag besloten we ook iets te proeven. Ik nam een portie noedels met een stukje kip en een ei. Vraag ... read more
government district
lekker !

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya October 4th 2012

Abandoned by our resident guide and translator (Barney had to work) we decided to return to Shinagawa where we stayed 4 years ago. We were familiar with the area and there were more signs in English than there are in Koenji where Barney lives. Getting good at catching trains and changing lines now and we even have the Japanese equivalent of an oyster card. No more queing for tickets. Spent the afternoon in an aquarium and then went to an Enoteca for nibbles and wine (yes they even have Italian concepts in Tokyo). A great vantage to spend a couple of hours people watching as it has panoramic windows and is above a major intersection, opposite the station. Note for Josie: Mum's bithday treat was a bottle of Camel Valley sparking English wine.... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya September 21st 2012

22 septembre 2012, Tokyo Konichiwa! Mon arrivée à Tokyo a été facile. Phil m’attendait à l’aéroport et il me conduisit à travers le vaste réseau de trains et de métros jusqu’à notre hôtel qu’il avait réservé, puis aux sushis.. une priorité! Le choc a été moins intense que ce dont je m’attendais. Soit parce que nous commençons vraiment à s’adapter facilement aux nouveaux endroits, soit parce que le quartier où nous logions, Asakusa, était relativement calme. En fait, même s’il y a beaucoup de monde dans les rues, l’ambiance demeure calme dans ces quartiers plus résidentiels que commerciaux. Selon moi, plusieurs facteurs y contribuent : des trottoirs très larges (et très propres!), pas de vendeurs ambulants, ni de rickshaws, ni de klaxons, ni de bazous, ni de motobike, ni de musique forte, ni d’enfants qui vous ... read more
Tokyo-Sumo, rituel avant le combat
Tokyo-Sumo, les grands champions
Tokyo-Sumo, la scène

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya November 18th 2011

Early start for some of us yesterday but we only just scraped out of the hotel by the 11am check out. Knowing we had until 2pm before we could check into our last minute hotel, we decided on that time-honoured tradition of killing time - SHOPPING! (Aisha: I have to note at this point that Japan is probably the first and only place I have ever ENJOYED shopping). Leaving our bags, we wandered uptown through Shinjuku towards Kabukicho, Tokyo's red light district (although not very obvious during the day); and after finding Don Quixote (spelled Don Quijote here and apparently abbreviated to Donki) we began. Don Quixote is the kind of store where you can buy anything and everything (We're seeing this as a running theme, some stores over here don't care about specialising, they stock ... read more
We call it breakfast...

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