Day 176: Oh, I'm your biggest FAN

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September 20th 2008
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The slightly built Japanese man with the gelled down hair and emo glasses pushed his way through the crowd on his way to the bar.

I started a slow, drunken chant ", Fuuuuma, Fuuuuma..." Kieryn picked up on the vibe and turned to face my victim "F to the U to the M to the A" she cried waving her hands around in his face.

Fuma turned around a huge smile on his face to respond to our cheers

"Fuma! he cried

"Fuma!" five drunken girls cheered back before breaking into giggles

I just love mingling with the celebrities after an event. We were at Club Asia, watching an afternoon event that one of my dance teachers was headlining in. It had been the most spectacular afternoon, the dancing had been wicked, the performers hilariously bad boy and I was completely and unashamedly pissed.

We finished our enthusiatic appraisal of Fuma right when KD Japan walked past with Wakadaishou.

"KD Japan!" Lucy exclaimed

"and waka.... waku...wakadee" I drunkenly enthused behind her

"Wakadaishou" he murmered taking in my hoody and waving arms with interest "Where are you from?"

I hiccuped in an ungainly fashion "Shidoney kara kimashita"

My C grade celebrity flirting was interrupted by a below in my ear

I looked up to see my dance teacher on the stairs waving to the masses of adoring crowds, grabbing Marie, Sanae and Lucy we pushed to the front and was waved up the stairs by the star himself

"Goto" I gasped "Goto wa fucking sugooooooooy desu ne!!"

GoTo beamed and slapped my hand in a decidedly hiphop fashion, posed for a photo with us, and then brushing aside the other screaming women loped his way up the stairs and into the waiting van outside.

I collapsed onto a nearby stool and fanned myself with a nearby flier

"I fucking love Japan" I slurred to Marie who was still clawing away at me excitedly bouncing around.

"I just don't get star treatment like this back home" and with that I made my way back to the bar to continue my flirting with Waka....Waku..Wakadaishou.


24th September 2008

so jealous!
i wish i was still in tokyo for this!! haha sounds like top fun!

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