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March 27th 2010
Published: April 1st 2010
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Most of you that know me are probably not surprised to see that I made it to an Anime Fair/Convention here in Japan. With it being so close by (well a few hours close) how could I NOT go?! And this trip was definitely an adventure... that started VERY early in the morning.......

I went with two friends, and we decided that it would be best to get there as early as possible on Saturday to beat as much of the crowd/lines as possible. Unfortunately, that meant leaving the house at 5:30 to catch a 6am shinkansen.

From Tokyo Station we made our way to the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba (getting there around 8). We saw about 100-200 people in line outside (the fair opened at 10) but we were so hungry we decided to get some food first. When we returned at 8:45 the line had double, possibly even tripled. Oops. So we got in line behind the 400-something people and waited. By 10 then slowly started letting people in, but even when we got inside the building, the line continued for a very long time (I'm going to say a few kilometres. Seriously.) We had to travel from one end of the Big Sight all the way to the end and down a floor, so by the time we got in it was about 10:30.

My first goal was to find and attain a ticket to the One Piece Memorial Stage Event. Which was surprisingly easy. (I was number 311! The fair was only open for 30 minutes and they had already given out 310 tickets!) That didn't start until 1 (with the line up starting at 12) so my friends and I wandered around gathering a bunch of freebies!

T.A.F. is essentially in a massive room, where hundreds of Animation Companies and related business/shows/schools, etc put up booths to advertise their products. There were a few cosplayers (not as many as at a convention obviously) and there were tons of foreigners everywhere!

At 12:30 we went to line up for the stage event, and were shocked at the number of people! Apparently you could buy tickets before hand, so not only were there 310 people in front of me, but another 100 or so in front of them! When one of my friends and I were about to leave we spotted our other friend in line! Apparently, we just stood according to our number (well d'uh, we should have known, why else put a number on the ticket...). I have to say, this even MADE MY WEEKEND! It was great!
All the voice actors of the crew from the show were there!! And we even got a mini concert, with a few of the singers who contributed to the show! It was, without a doubt, the best hour of the entire weekend!! Unfortunately no pictures allowed. So you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome!

After that we wondered around a bit more and then decided to go check into our hostel. After that we spent an hour trying to hunt down a restaurant that we could all eat at, finally settling for the Hard Rock Cafe. After dinner we went and checked out Ueno Park to see the cherry blossoms!!! It was very beautiful to walk down a path lined with all these pink trees! I can't wait until the cherry blossoms come up to my prefecture! After the walk through the park we decided to go back to the hostel and crash for the night!

The next day we got to the fair much earlier to wait in line( 2 whole hours earlier...). Unfortunately, the tickets to the events we wanted to see sold out very quickly, and since we had already seen all the booths in the fair, there wasn't much else to do. So we left earlier in the afternoon and went to the Square Enix store before heading back home.

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Trigun cosplayerTrigun cosplayer
Trigun cosplayer

Like this cosplayer, a lot of the ones we saw were wearing the costume as part of their job
One Piece Memorial EventOne Piece Memorial Event
One Piece Memorial Event

Before the event started. Apparently the first 200 people or so received straw hats! I really wanted one..

9th April 2010

Uaaaaaaaaaah >< I'm so glad I remembered you had a blog and came on here for updates. I loved your plum blossom pictures, I can only picture walking around with the air smelling sweet and flowery. *sob* You're sooo lucky...and then the anime fair! u_u No fair... I can't believe I'll be there in....14 days! AH!

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