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August 4th 2009
Published: August 10th 2009
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Photo in the subway advertising the Gundam

So me and three of my friends decided to brave the train/subway system and head out to Odaiba to see the to-scale Gundam! (18 ft tall). So we left for Odaiba around 6:30 (originally intended to leave at 5:30 but things came up). We got directions from the front desk and instead of taking the subway which would take an hour to get there we took the JR which was supposed to take only 25 mins and cost just a bit more.

Not surprisingly, as soon as we got into Shinjuku station we got very confused. A Japanese man was nice enough to ask if we needed help. (We actually managed to buy our ticket before he came around but then we didn't know which way to go!) So he kinda helped us.. but then we got confused again but I heard a girl speak English so we asked and the told us to go through these gates. Great! But wait?! Where do we put our tickets??? Again, I asked someone and he showed us. I think the first man sent us the wrong way, because we ended up going to Tokyo station (where he told us
Digimon anyone?Digimon anyone?Digimon anyone?

The tv station that appears in season...2?
to go) but there wasn't any connecting lines that we could see.. so once again I asked how to get to where we needed to be (Shinkiba) Again, I used my Japanese to ask for help. This very nice man took us almost all the way to were we needed to go (which was COMPLETELY out of his we walked for about 5 mins...yes the station's that big... and bigger). We got on the Keio line and headed out. By the time we got to Odaiba it was about 7:45.. definitely took us more than 25 mins! We got out of the station and went to look at the map. I asked a woman where Shiokaze park was but she looked confused until Carly said "Gundam?" And the women sent us on our way in the right direction. We asked more people on the way just to make sure.

We met a man riding a bike at a stop light and got talking. We found out he was on his way to the gundam too.

After much more walking we FINALLY found the gundam but got there 10 mins late and they'd already turned off the lights so the pictures are so-so. I even got pics with two Gundam cosplayers! Our new Japanese friend took us to the nearby train station and we got on the monorail went a few stops, actually one stop too far and had to go back and then we transferred. From here on it was smooth sailing because it took us almost all the way from Odaiba to Shinjuku (I wish we took this one the first time!) The only inconvinence was that there were no seats and it became very crowded.
We got out of Shinjuku station, and luckily I knew where we were so I got us back to a familiar street and we headed towards the hotel. Of course we stopped at a conbini for food because none of us had eaten since lunch and it was now 9:50. So I finally got back to the hotel, hopped in the shower quickly (very humid in Japan) then sat back and enjoyed my ramen!

Additional photos below
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The gang... plus our new friend

Yay cosplayers lol

12th August 2009

Your face in the 'its a gundam pic' is just perfect lol and my comment on the cosplayers pic Zieg ZEON! :P
21st August 2009

brilliant! haha that was a great night

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