Day 137: New York? Tokyo?

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August 12th 2008
Published: August 13th 2008
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Where am I?Where am I?Where am I?

Geographical confusion at the Statue of Liberty
We stood on the boardwalk, sipping on our drinks and gazing at the Statue of Liberty.
It was definately smaller than I imagined, but nontheless I was thrilled, just as I was when I saw the smaller-than-I-imagined Mona Lisa in the Louvre.
Lucy let out a wistful "I'd really love to go to New York one day" and with that we were snapped out of our American dream world and back to the Daiba Boardwalk in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.
Turning our backs on Lady Liberty we continued on our way and asked a group of young foreign (I think they were Indonesian?) men to take a photo of us in front of Rainbow Bridge, they obliged and in turn I had to pose individually for lots of photos with each of the boys. As I've mentioned before this happens a lot to me in Japan, I'm starting to wonder what becomes of the hundreds of photos I pose for with young asian men on holidays. Do they go home and make up stories about the wild crazy times we had together, or do they simply point at the photo and say "Look, white". There has been less photos since blonde Leah disappeared in a dazzling display of chemicals, but still enough photos for me to wonder what they want them for.
It's strange because I never see any other Gaijins get asked for photos; Phoebe thinks it's becasue all my friends here are asian and they're not used to seeing white chics hanging out with asian girls, but I tend to think it's probably more because they recognise a burning fire within me, and sense my need for attention.
I am, afterall, a complete show off.


18th August 2008

HAHAHAHAHA.... "look, white" ....i think that's exactly what they do...

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