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October 3rd 2015
Published: October 4th 2015
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We arrived in Heathrow Terminal 3 clutching our champagne glasses clearly blissfully unaware of how hard the next 22 hours was going to be.
We were lucky to have a spare seat next to us flying into Dubai so we stretched out but had difficulty sleeping so watched a few movies, heads up people, me and earl and the dying girl - the girl dies in the end - there I've saved you the trauma of watching it, I don't think I have ever sobbed so much over any other film!
We were late getting into Dubai so time to grab a quick drink and then run for our next flight where again we were lucky to have yet another spare seat. We both got an hour or twos sleep each and chose the western breakfast over the Japanese breakfast to be presented with stuffing balls and egg?
On arrival at the airport it all seemed easy, there were no traumas, we went to buy a ticket for the bus to our hotel but there were no buses left... The lady at the counter suggested we get a bus to another hotel and walk to our hotel which we did ( well we got a cab to our hotel the bus took 90 minutes!)
A quick shower later and we were ready to hit the town, well kinda, we needed food anyway. We found a mos burger which is Japanese equivalent to macdonalds which happened to be across the road, cheap and tasty. We went back to our room and fell asleep after I played with all the toilet settings of course!!


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