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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji August 25th 2013

After my most emotional day at work - because I got a new job and am leaving my current eikawa position to teach in a private high school starting next week - I met Rani at Koenji Station, in western Tokyo, because she had heard about a dance festival called Awaodori there and we were interested in seeing what it was. As soon as I arrived, I knew that trying to find each other out of the station was going to be a nightmare of epic proportions, as the festival was happening directly out of the station gates, so I waited on the platform for her to arrive after her job interview and we went out to see what was going on. There were TONS of people, and street vendors like at the other matsuri (festivals) ... read more
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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji October 2nd 2012

Barney had laid on a gig for us at his local music bar on Sunday evening. Bar owner Yas had followed instructions and secured New zealnd sauvignon blanc for madam.... read more
Barney's band
The audience

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji May 5th 2012

Visiting the memorial of Reiki founder, Dr. Mikao Usui - Tokyo For my first real day of sightseeing in Tokyo, I decided to visit the memorial grave site of the founder of Reiki. The site is located off the beaten track, and is not a tourist sight per se, so it took some research to find the location, and luckily, I found perfect directions on the Internet before arriving. I took the Maronuchi subway line to Shin-Koenji station and proceeded through a neighborhood to the grounds of the Saihoji Pure Land Buddhist Temple where Dr. Mikao Usui and his family are buried. Reiki is a healing art, a type of energy work, that I began practicing at age 17, and visiting was high on my list of things to do. The grounds of the temple and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji September 9th 2010

Debido al gran lapso de tiempo sin escribir en este blog, la segunda parte de mi viaje la relataré en una única entrada. Hace ya más de un año que viajé a Japón y aunque escribí aquello que más me impactó, muchas cosas tiendo a olvidarlas, y para evitar perder más recuerdos he decidido terminar y publicar este blog de una vez por todas. 9th Sep. Al llegar a Tokyo el primer lugar que visité fue Takeshita dori, en cuyas tiendas se visten las lolitas y demás tribus urbanas. Acto seguido fuimos al barrio de Kagurasaka y cenamos en el Canal Café, es un lugar muy recomendable para ir en pareja, muy romántico. El café, como su nombre indica está en el mismo canal y de día puedes coger una de las barcas del muelle y ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji May 30th 2009

After a ride back to Tokyo on the bullet train we found our way to the hotel using the map book. We are becoming quite proficient in getting around, but of course with addresses in Chinese or Japanese we find people can help much easier. I was very disappointed when I found that neither Kubiki nor the Noh were playing this week as I'd wanted for Mike to see one. We also missed the Beijing Opera which is fun. Instead we walked thru the extensive Imperial gardens at the Imperial Palace. Here we were disappointed that the Emperor did not receive us but we were well received with the common people. Nevertheless we were impressed with the massive walls around the palace, some stones were chest high to me. I though of Justin and Jenavieve and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji April 15th 2009

Saturday Morning I am awaken at 5.15am by the noise from some of the other guests in my dormitory. I was a little cross by this as firstly it is fuckin 5am & secondly they were being so bloody loud. I know i have been getting up myself at 6am most days but i do it very quietly - like a mouse - and respectful of the other people in the room. (I am on a rant here, just give me a *breathes, ooooooh* Right...i could not sleep after the morning madness so i got up at the same time and went to get some breakfast & sit in the morning sunshine. After a few hours i go to pack my stuff & get ready to catch the bus up to Tokyo. I am playing at ... read more
Cook your own Japanese!
Redd - outside club
DJ 490

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji August 29th 2008

Sanae and I have actually done the unbelievable in this day of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides and discovered a gem off the beaten track. Bol Bol. In the city of themed restaurants and crazy eating habits I'm amazed Bol Bols hasn't rated a recommendation yet. This persian themed restaurant is beautifully decorated with Iranian carpets, souveneirs and nostalga covering every inch of the walls. Your kebobs come served to you on silver swords instead of skewers, Your wine comes in red crystal glasses with the supreme leader of Iran smiling sternly at you from the side and on fridays and saturdays at 9:00pm a belly dancer leaps out of the bathroom and into the middle of the restaurant to shimmy in everyones face and smile at you seductively. There was only a smattering of people ... read more

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