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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku June 23rd 2015

Pas grand chose à raconter on verra plus tard. Je vais mettre des photos déjà.... read more
une "petite" rue
Oh! les jouets de quand j'étais petite!
Mmmm, un champloo don

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku November 10th 2013

Mijn eerste aardbeving heb ik goed doorstaan. Of eigenlijk doorleven want ik lag nog heerlijk in bed. Het was of iemand mij uit bed wilde schudden. Eigenlijk had ik niet door hoe sterk de beving was totdat ik op het NOS moest lezen dat het er één van 5.5 op de schaal van Richter was. Toch maar een bericht naar het thuisfront gestuurd om te melden dat alles goed is. Met trein naar Harajuku en door Omotesandõ gelopen. In vijf jaar tijd is er weinig nieuw bijgebouwd behalve een showroom voor Audi, de Iceberg genaamd. Inde showroom getracht een leuke foto te maken van Cyrus in een Spyder maar of de auto is te groot of Cyrus te klein want ik krijg alleen de bovenkant van zijn hoofd te zien. En Hugo Boss heeft een nieuw ... read more
Tekst op toilet.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku September 30th 2013

Hier dernier jour sur Tokyo, au programme quartier Harajuku, jardin Yoyogu, quartier odaiba et pour finir super restaurant Ninja. Une dernière journée bien rempli, le restaurant Ninja était tout simplement excellent, très bonne cuisine, serveurs très sympa dont une qui parlait Français (6 mois d'étude à Dijon) et en plus des tours de magie entre les plats en close up, trop fort les magiciens Ninja, ça change de Magax. Cette fois c'est terminé, retour à la vie réel mercredi, les Japonais sont vraiment adorable et le Japon tout simplement exceptionnel, un voyage à faire assurément, mais mieux vaut éviter les Typhons :)... read more
LA boutique cosplay par excellence
Yoyogi park

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku September 29th 2013

We bought tickets to go on the train through Tokyo. First stop Tokyo station and a short walk through the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Where we almost lost Koala when we left him hanging in bamboo after his photo shoot! Back to Tokyo Station for lunch and on the green loop to Akihabara , electronic city...then on to Harajuku to see the outrageous clothing stores, we bought new Asics for $85 and many souvenirs from Daiso store on Takeshita dori , sooooooo busy! Walked through Yoyogi Park at night, definately the place to be, lots people having picnicsandsitting around chatting or rap dancing! At the top of a bridge we thought we were in India! Strolling through an India festival and out the other side to eat Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba from the street market.From here it ... read more
Akihabara 290913
Harajuku 290913
Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba 290913

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku September 12th 2013

Style central in Harajuku and Shibuya Tokyo is known for setting fashion trends not only in Asia, but the world. No trip to Tokyo is complete without visit to this shopping mecca. Start your trip at Yoyogi park at Harajuku station on the JR line. On Sundays ( weather permitting), you will see a host of cos-play, Rockabilly, Reggae, Hip Hop, Glam, and everything in between fashionistas. Even young kids practicing their dance routines. Across from Yoyogi park there is a flea market on Sundays. You'll have to come early if you want to avoid the line ups. This was a picture on a rainy Sunday morning. Just behind the stadium is NHK studio park. Visitors can take a look at how tv shows and Japanese animation are made. While there isn't too much information for ... read more
Flea market line up in Harajuku
Takeshita street entrance to Harajuku
Sunday crossing in Shibuya

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku March 17th 2013

Olipahan mainio päivä! Aamulla jotenkin hämärästi muistin lukeneeni jostain, että täällä on sunnuntaisin joku must-be puisto, jota nyt ei kertakaikkiaan vaan pidä missata. Toden totta, olisipa ollut ankeeta, jos en olis tajunnu Yoyogi-puistoon tänään noin tsiljoonan muun tyypin kanssa mennä! ”Aamukaffen” jälkeen joskus puoliltapäivin sinne siis suuntasin. Erinäiset vinkkaukset tän puiston suhteen puhuivat akrobaateista, soittelijoista ja mistä lie puuhastelijoista, joille kaikille tuntuu löytyvän puistosta oma paikkansa. Ja näinpä olikin. Olisipa mainiota, jos meilläkin olisi jotain tämmöistä, sen lisäksi että on toki jees istua pussikaljallakin Koffin puistossa. Oli rockabillyporukkaa, nuorisojoukko näytteli jotain, pari naista pyöritteli hularenkaita, mimmi taipui jos minkäkinlaisiin asentoihin, toinen joukko veti tanssitreenejä, jamppaporukka ru... read more
Aika notkee tapaus. Mimmi otti noi hökötykset vastaan selällään maaten ja kääntyi sitten siinä näppärästi pidellen systeemeitä samalla.
Kimppakuva ilmaishalailijan kanssa.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku April 8th 2012

This past weekend was full of Tokyo and cherry blossom viewing (known as hanami in Japanese). What started as an emperor's private party under the sakura (cherry blossom) trees hundreds of years ago, eventually evolved into a national tradition of celebration involving copious amounts of alcohol, food, and friends. The sakura only remain in bloom for two weeks, so once they arrive, people gather for a picnic of epic proportions amidst the snowy branches of their favorite park. We decided to stroll through the large Shinjuku Park during our Tokyo wanderings on Saturday to peek at the renowned collection of sakura located there. This park does not allow the consumption of alcohol on the premises, but many people still gathered to picnic. I was floored by the sheer amount of people and their tasty looking bento ... read more
Shinjuku Park hanami picnickers
Shinjuku sakura
me and the sakura

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku January 23rd 2012

During the winter break my friend, Barbara, and I went to Harajuku. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any people dressed up…probably because it was freezing cold that day. But! There were people giving out free hugs, and according to some other people, they are usually always there giving out hugs. We went to Meiji Shrine before heading to the shopping area. The Meiji Shrine is the most important shrine in Tokyo (according to my travel guide book) and it dates back to 1920. Compared to the other shrines I’ve been to the Meiji shrine may be the largest one I’ve seen so far. I was able to witness another wedding ceremony while I was visiting it. Also, while walking up to the shrine (which is quite a long path) there is a large wall of sake barrels. ... read more
Purification Stand
Shrine Shrine
Road of Chaos

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku November 21st 2010

The Meiji Jungu (Shrine) and Harajuku are amazing. I'm so glad we visited both of these places. We were there on a day that children dressed up in traditional clothing, as did their parents for a traditional Shinto ceremony. Takeshito Dori is amazing at night - alive with lots of people and very bright!... read more
Meji Jingu
Meji Jingu
Meji Jingu

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku September 11th 2010

Today was a great day. After going on a run, I attempted to do laundry (somewhat unsuccessfully), talked with my family, spent time with Bridgette in Tokyo, and took a lovely walk. Harajuku: After getting off the train at Harajuku, Bridgette introduced me to the famous Harajuku Bridge. This is were the infamous Harajuku girls, come dressed to impress, and hang out with their friends. Unfortunately, there weren't any girls hanging out there, today. I did find some Harajuku girls, later though! Meiji Jingu: This shrine was built in 1920 for the Emperor Meiji. While some people could be seen participating in religious rituals, tourist made up a great deal of those present. I washed my hands in the Temple Well, before entering the temple complex. Within the entrance, there were two places to hang your ... read more
Entrance to the Temple
Washing my hands in the Temple Well.
Temple Well

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