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September 2nd 2011
Published: September 2nd 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Ice CreamIce CreamIce Cream

Green Tea Icecream
Hello Everyone!
Today was my first full day in Japan. I am staying with a friend in Hino, Tokyo, Japan, until my orientation for school begins. My friend took me around Hino, where I ate some green tea icecream and checked out a shrine. Afterwards we did a little bit of 'eyeshopping' to pass the time. She also took to me to a tech store to get some stuff for my computer and there I learned how considerate and honest the Japanese people can be. They handled my computer with serious care and did their best to find the part, in the end they did have something that could help me out, but they said that it would be better to go elsewhere because their price for the part was a bit expensive and it would probably be cheaper elsewhere. Also, my friend had to go to an interview, so I waited for her at a small coffee shop by the company. It was a very low key coffee shop, that was mainly had middle age males as their customers. So, of course, I was a bit nervous but the waiter was super kind and even tried to speak English to me. Though all he said was one sentence, and it was 'Don't be nervous.'

Also, a typhoon is coming towards Tokyo from the southern island Shikoku, so the weather here is a bit humid, windy, and random showers. It is said to be like this for the next few days... 😞

Attached are a few videos and pictures of my day, enjoy!

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2nd September 2011

Wow!! Sounds exciting!!! They seem so nice and cute :P

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