Photos from Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

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Ueno Park. Shrine
Blossom manhole cover.
Samurai swords
Lions guard Senso-ji Shrine from Ah to Mm
Budokan green roof seen from East Garden heights - famous performers include the Beatles in 1966
modern music hall in East Gardens
climb up to the original Palace fortress
East Gardens of Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace mian gate
Imperial Palace moat bridges turn corners
guide Mr Mori saving the world
Shinto shrine Nishinomiya Inari in Asakusa
Buddist shrine Senso-ji
Duck Blind in the Garden
guide Mr Mori gazes across Hama-rikyu Garden
Sumida River scene - Beer foam on Brewery building - or as some locals call it, poo
Chuo-ohashi Bridge over Sumida River
Teahouse in Hama-rikyu Garden
Lantern at Senso-ji Shrine gate
Akihabara at night
Greg enjoying some noodles
The toilet in our bathroom at the hotel
Cocktail bar, Shibuya
Shibuya Crossing
Buskers, Shibuya
This lantern outside a Shibuya restaurant looked like it had seen better days
Messy eaters need bibs
Imperial Palace East Gardens
Moat, Imperial Palace East Gardens
Yasukuni Shrine
Prayer cards, Yasukuni Shrine
Gardens, Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine
Mini submarine, war museum, Yasukuni Shrine
Gardens, Yasukuni Shrine
War museum, Yasukuni Shrine
Tokyo Budokan
The last surviving tramway in Tokyo, Toden Arakawa Line
The Yasukuni Shrine
The Steam Locomotive on Display
The Zero Fighter Aircraft
The Yushukan War Museum
@ the Tokyo Budokan
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