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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa July 31st 2023

In the Yaesu district of Tokyo in the land of the rising sun. The Tokyo Ramen Street food was a little too rich and salty for our American taste. I’m sure it’s great, lots of locals and plenty of Haole foreigners have professed the greatness of the many Ramen shops in the bowel of Tokyo Station, but our palate are just a bit different or perhaps not sophisticated enough I suppose, so we did not enjoy the food even though it filled our tummy. We got back to our hotel relatively late in the evening, around ten o'clock, which is considered late for us because we’re not night owls. After quickly getting in bed once we had settled in, brushed our teeth, and taken nice long showers, we all hopped in bed and fell asleep as ... read more
Emperor of Japan
Sensoji Compound

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa September 6th 2019

Lot z Warszawy do Tokio mija w mgnieniu oka. Ani się spostrzeżesz dostajesz kolację o 15.00 czasu polskiego. Już musisz zacząć walczyć z jetlagiem. Żołądkowo. Po kolacji film. Obejrzałem dokument National Geographic "Free Solo" i muszę przyznac, że nie był to najlepszy wybór jeśli ma się w perspektywie konieczność zaśnięcia na parę godzin zaraz po zakończeniu seansu. Spocone ręce, przyspieszone bicie serca i gonitwa myśli to objawy jakie sobie zaserwowalem i musiałem długo przywoływać w myślach uspokajające obrazy łąk, pastwisk i plaż aby uspokoić wyobraźnię. Dokument jednak świetny i godny polecenia. Nawet dla ludzi kompletnie nie mających pojęcia o wspinaczce. Jak ja. Basia rozsądniej wybrała biografie Quenn i ukołysana głosem Freddiego śpi jak niemowlę. Trzeba było brać przykład z żony. Po filmie trzeba się przespać. Choć 2 godziny. Nasze doświadczenie mówi, że aby zasnąć podcza... read more
Wymieniamy JRpassy.
Team Lab Borderless Epson.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 19th 2018

I manage to get quite a good sleep considering my history, and the only disappointment is I wake up 2 minutes before my alarm goes off. But I feel refreshed after a well needed 10 and a half hour sleep lol. It helps the bed is super comfy too. After a morning coffee from our coffee machine in the room (a nice little touch), we are raring to go and armed with our itinerary, head out on our first proper adventure of Tokyo. Yesterday Greg spotted a little pancake place just along the road from our hotel, and as much as we love trying and eating food from other countries, the thought of noodles and dumplings for breakfast is something we cant quite get our head around, so pancakes sound quite ... read more
Western meets Asian
Senso-ji temple
Outside senso-ji temple

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 18th 2018

It feels like a back to the future moment as its now 10.30am local time so we've lost 8 hours of time in the blink of an eye. Tokyo airport is huge and customs takes a lot longer than expected which is a pain as we are knackered and just want to get there now. I'm really ready for a hot shower and a lie down, but unfortunately that's a long way off at this point. Once we get to the luggage belt, the cases have already started coming out and I get excited when I see both mine and Greg's cases in the distance at the other end of the belt. It feels like a huge relief as I know all too first hand how often Iberia lose cases from working at the airport. But ... read more
Our cool little hotel
Gyoza dumplings yum
Japanese wrestling

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa August 3rd 2018

After an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpu, I arrived at Tokyo’s Narita airport to be greeted by the transfer company - Green Tomato. Green Tomato are a great company who provide a shuttle bus service from the airport into Tokyo, well worth booking as it’s over 60km to Tokyo from the airport. You just have to keep in mind this won’t be a private transfer, but they do take you right to the door of your hotel. I had a wait of around an hour before my transfer bus would leave as we were waiting for other passengers. After collecting them from the next terminal we started our journey into Tokyo. I sat by the window and started to try and take in the views of the city on the route to my hotel, some of ... read more
Senso-Ji, main hall
Senso-Ji pagoda
Hand washing etiquette at Senso-Ji

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa May 11th 2018

This morning's destinations are the Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Shrine which are both in the older east side of Tokyo. We get off the metro and are immediately mobbed by young men competing for the privilege of carting us around the district in rickshaws. We escape by dodging into a side alley, and from there into a restaurant to get some breakfast. The waitress puts an iPad on our table, opens it at a language tab, and then leaves without speaking. We choose our food from a menu on the iPad, then press an "Order" button, and a few minutes later our meals land on the table. The waitress still hasn't uttered a single word. I'm not quite sure why you'd want to be a waitress if you didn't like talking to people, but if that ... read more
Senso-Ji Temple district
Senso-Ji Temple
Buddha, Senso-Ji Temple

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa June 14th 2017

Tokyo , the dream of a new society for the next generation... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa June 10th 2017

I like food (well, duh! Who doesn’t?) But one of the many things I value about travel is getting a chance to taste and see food that either I’m unfamiliar with, or that I don’t get a chance to eat at home. Tokyo gave me opportunities for both. The Fake You have probably seen fake food, made of plastic, displayed outside of restaurants in order to lure you in. When I found that there was a whole street in Tokyo dedicated to shops that sold this sort of fake food, I knew I had to go look. The street is Kappabashi-dori, located in the Asakusa neighborhood – not too far from Senso-ji Temple. As I was standing on the corner, looking at a map and trying to get my bearings, a gentleman came up and asked ... read more
watermelon - about $49 each
dekopan  about $10 each

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa April 17th 2017

I've been fascinated by the size, scale and efficiency of this city and what better way to get an understanding of it's amazing history than the excellent Edo Tokyo Museum. It traces the history of Edo/Tokyo from fishing village origins to modern day metropolis. Except - CLOSED on MONDAYS! Whoops! Probably should have checked that before we trecked across town specifically. Nevermind, Ryoguko is home to the Sumo stables and while it's not Sumo tournament season, we did see a Sumo in the flesh. Not a tall man, by any measure, but BIG! Long black hair tied in a top-knot above his dinner plate face and shoulders like a Rhino. His wide flat feet slip out of his sandals as he waddles to the train station in his yukata. The closed museum was a disappointment. Some ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa April 3rd 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because we’re traveling to many different cities and Tom’s been on the computer confirming travel plans and doing business with US companies (including the Navy Exchange, unfortunately) that can’t comprehend that someone might travel outside the US and not be able to just pick up a phone and call during their business hours. Skype has been very useful, but those companies who say “just mail us a copy of …” should be disestablished. I tease Tom that the reason he likes Japan so much is that it’s pathologically organized. We breezed through immigration and customs at Tokyo’s Haneda airport and were in our taxi within 25 minutes – and almost immediately were tangled in traffic resulting from an overturned truck on the elevated highway. In our hotels, there ... read more
Honda Automation's Robot
Rainy Weather in Tokyo
Honda's Uni-CUb

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