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September 11th 2010
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Not a whole lot new to report. I met a group of tourists at the fish market and hung out with them for a bit. They were from New York and LA to celebrate their friends Bday. It was 7AM when I ran into them and they had come straight from the night club but were somehow still concious. I went out to breakfast with them and was pleasantly surprised that it is possible to get decent food here for pretty cheap.

The market itself was kind of dissapointing. It was too chaotic to really look around much and not knowing japanese super well, I didnt really know whic areas I was allowed in.

Later I discovered this who walk way of shops and a huge complex of temples just a block or so from my hostel and that occupied most of my afternoon. I bought a new back pack so that I can carry my lap top with me because the cell phone I rented doesn't really work for texts and is extremely expensive for calls.

I'm back at the hostel now and planning to fill out a couple postcards I bought before calling it an early night. Tomorrow is my day trip to Kamakura - actually pretty excited for that =) I miss everyone back home so much! Hope all is well.

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12th September 2010

Hey! We miss you lots. It looks like you are having fun after all! やっぱりいつかいっしょ日本に行きましょうね。  We're planning something. heheheh xD

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