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June 2nd 2010
Published: June 2nd 2010
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A delay for our first day/s update but we have been adjusting.
Well first off we had very low expectations of how our international flight with Jetstar would be, {mainly due to negative feedback from friends past encounters}. However we were pleasantly surprised, staff were nice seats were comfortable. So many half-cast japanese kids on the plane and western partners that were fluent in Japanese. Really inspired to take lessons when i get back.

We landed in Narita Tokyo and it was like an episode of The Amazing Race we had a strict curfew to be at the hotel before 9pm check in closed. On the way to the airport shuttle we stopped at the toilets, mind you I had read about the complexities of the Japanese toilet system prior but nothing prepared me for the confusion, so many buttons and options.... seat warmer, bidet, flush level, water temperature,dryer my gosh how the hell do you flush this thing? a few minutes later I realised there was an instruction manual posted on the side of the door and a normal flush behind the seat.

We rushed to the shuttle a 2 minute tram to get to customs the security guard looked no older than 15. Photo taken and finger prints later we ended up at the next thing of confusion the Japanese Transport system, nothing is in english and and for a country so technalogically advanced no one really speaks english. Luckily we met our first friend in tokyo Fukki-yes that's her real name! She is an english co-ordinater and helped us with the ticket and caught the train with us, such a lovely lady we are going to a party with her when we get back to Tokyo.

Finally we arrived at Asakusa and 2 minutes to spare for check-inn. Again i did my research about Japan prior but nothing could have been funnier than the reaction Nick had to the room, ill post pics we had to duck to get in the door way and literally arms spread you could touch wall to wall I don't think these rooms were originally intended for westerners. So anyway we unpacked and decided to explore and get a bite to eat.

Asakusa is a real business mans district they are everywhere, we finally decided on a 260yen everything restaurant again nobody spoke english. we sat down with 2 computer screens at the table and ordered via the touch screen a lucky dip really, we went based on the pictures,was really good whatever it all was.

Japan really is a country for vending machines i would guestimate there would be one every 100m, and dirt cheap with almost every drink you can dream of God bless the Japanese Coffee in a can why the heck didn't we think of that and 110yen-$1.40. Alcohol can be bought from the machines also Sake in a jar about 120yen-$1.50, Asahi 1000ml beer 600yen-$7.80, cigarettes 400yen-$5.80

There is such a big misconception that Japan is expensive, well some things are like clothes,bullet train.

Tired from 2 days and surviving on 3 hours sleep we went back to the hotel to sleep as we were heading for Mount Fuji the next day.

All in all thus far we love Japan it is so safe everyone rides bikes and leave them unchained-no bike locks, cant imagine this happening in oz,very trusting people, everybody is super nice and the people are considerate of each other, unlike some asian countries you find that people are in awe and
Asahi FactoryAsahi FactoryAsahi Factory

AKA The Golden Turd
stare at you even grope or touch you, not the Japanese they just bow and say hello and get on with their day,they have actual allocated priority seats on public transport for elderly,pregnant disabled people, and you nobody talks on their mobile phones on transport -a big no no, you shouldn't eat or drink while you walk and God bless the convenience stores you can buy almost anything there.

Still in Fuji now will be going to the mountain tomorrow and much sight seeing, The Monkey theatre and theme parking very busy schedule.

Will keep updated that's all i can think of for now

Lana and Nick oxox

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