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June 16th 2006
Published: June 16th 2006
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I am in Japan!!! A long way from Adelaide, Australia, but here I am in Shizuoka for a year teaching at an English Kindergarten while seeing and experiencing as much of this crazy, mixed up, amazing country as I can!

Can you believe that a Japanese person asked us this!!!- so where's the blue in the Japanese flag huh!! And that was before we thrashed them so the loss hadnt clouded their intelligence yet!!! But oh well, lets not be too down on the Japanese, they do have a MASSIVE LOSS to overcome!!!!!!!!

Before we go any further there is something that needs to be said.......................................

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!!!!!!!!

And believe me this was said many times during the night the Australians heroically paved their way to victory.

But lets start at the beginning....

While in Tokyo Marissa and I purchased a green and yellow skirt respectively. We then bought some fish net stockings (two pairs, one black one nude as we werent sure which would be best) and teemed these with either green or gold tops (I had to make a quick trip to Uniqlo to get a 'real green' coz Marissa
On the busOn the busOn the bus

The only guy that sat within 3 seats of us looked very scared!!!
the green guru said so). While Marissa was at Juku on Monday night Hieidi and I went to the Lemon (100 yen) Shop and bought anything in sight that was green or gold- hair clips, tinsel, lei's, masks, nail polish and upon returning home began to patriotise ourselves- you can see the end result, pretty impressive i think and worth the effort coz the Aussies rock!!!

We then headed to 'Our Boozer'- where else would an Australian in Japan watch the World Cup!? - nice and early so we could get the best seat in the house, the couch right in front of the telly!!! We deserved it coz we were best dressed, Karl the publican said we brought a "bit of glamour" to the proceedings, but he was also impressed with the Australian flag tattoo on Marissa's thigh!!

So we settled in (there were only four Aussies in the place) and you all watched the game so you know exactly what happened and I dont need to give a kick by kick account- but I do want to emphasise how sick we felt when Japan got that first goal- and then how great we felt when Cahill kicked our first, how ecstatic we were when he got the next and how positively bonkers we went when Aloisi rammed home the third!!!

The final whislte called for an at the top of our lungs rendition of 'Waltzing Matilda' and another few rounds of Aussie Aussie Aussie (I'm teaching my kindy kids to say it!)

After making all the Japanese people in boozer feel pretty crappy (not really, we were quite controlled, considering, and we shook a lot of hands) we took the party into the streets of Shizuoka, where many Japanese supporters came to jump around and yell and sing with us, and we only received one slapped hand and an aggressively thrown cigarette butt. We also got interviewed by three different T.V stations, (1 didnt have a choice !!!) another stopped his van in the middle of the road and got out big lights and one of those fuzzy stick things! Some of the parents from kindy saw us on the evening news on Tuesday night!!!! Ok, you can all have my autograph.

We finally had our fill of dancing and singing in the streets and headed home to dream about the victory- What
On the busOn the busOn the bus

That tattoo
an exciting night- and what better feeling than to be an Aussie in Japan right now!!!

By the way................

Hi Rob

Update 1- Monday 19 June

Hmmm so a little bit of a disappointing match but we were still there cheering the boys on in style (albeit not as much style as last time!!) Meanwhile is Ronaldinho the scariest person you've ever seen!! Photo taken at 1 am on the way to Boozer!

Update 2- Friday 23 June

Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! and another Aussie Aussie Aussie. Who knew I would ever get so excited about soccer- cant imagine what the AFL finals are gonna be like!! (Go you Crows!!!) Back to Boozer (3.00 am this time) and we'd been told earlier that the Aussie match would only be played if there were more Aussies than Japanese there, we still dragged our worn out from the soccer lifestyle bodies out of bed and splashed on some colour. Now thats dedication!!! The Japanese v Australian count was 3 all- but 3 Brazilian supporters tipped the scale and we had to settle for the best seat in the house but the second best game available. The best we got was score updates flashing on the screen every 10 minutes- bad then good then bad again!! But when Brazil started thrashing Nippon Karl (Boozer's manager) came through with the remote control, just in time for us to see the hand ball free that wasnt paid and Kewell's magical goal. Yippeeeee!!!!! That piece of hot ass can play soccer! He he. We also got to witness the hysterical refereeing- Karl commented as he was yellow carding yet another Croatian that the ref was trying to get an Aussie visa!- but did miss the rugby tackle on Viduka and the little oops by the replacement goalie (Bring back Schwarzer!) What a fantastic night- and thank goodness we made it through- dont know what i would have done without a soccer hangover at kindy!!!!!!

Update 2- Tuesday 27th June

I'd like to entitle this journal entry ROBBED. Coz thats what we were. I dont wanna talk about it except to say WELL DONE to the Socceroos and man we deserved that extra time.

Additional photos below
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Not Kampeii tonight!!
Hiedi and Leigh (white shirt)Hiedi and Leigh (white shirt)
Hiedi and Leigh (white shirt)

After the second goal!!!! Yay! Leigh has been here same amount of time as us, he's from Wooloongong.
Oh the disappointmentOh the disappointment
Oh the disappointment

Look at the Japanese people's faces!!!

And the Aussie flag gets pride of place- on the beer tap!!!
Go AussieGo Aussie
Go Aussie

Someone stuck his head out of an Izakaya to give the thumbs up!
Go AussieGo Aussie
Go Aussie

Our groupies!
Go AussieGo Aussie
Go Aussie

What better way to get over your disappointment than to celebrate with the winners!! (I think I would have gone home to bed)
Leigh and HiediLeigh and Hiedi
Leigh and Hiedi

We hijacked Shizuoka for the night
The Aussie GirlsThe Aussie Girls
The Aussie Girls

Dancin in the streets
The pressThe press
The press

The first interview

17th June 2006

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI XXXXX
19th June 2006

I tell ya what, mum and dad have done a good job bringing up u two girls, very very pretty, and looking exceptionally hot in those aussie out fits, dam :), some bloke is gonna be very happy one day :) have fun ladies
19th June 2006

What fun!
I loved this entry Amy - I can just see how much fun you guys must have had!! The kids loved the photo of you and Marissa going crazy in the bar with all the very disappointed Japanese in the background! Fantastic! Love you ... Susie x
13th July 2006

Oh my god!
I would tell you what I'm really thinking of those try hard model poses and those ridiculous stockings but i love you too much. Geez girls if I see you dressing like those chicks on your next page, you're going down!
13th July 2006

Your the first to complain about the outfits Danielle!!
5th August 2006

u girls are awsum!!! to go out looking like that-no shame. At least the aussie spirit was at heart- howver you'll giv us aussie girls a reputation.

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