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April 5th 2006
Published: April 5th 2006
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Japanese BeerJapanese BeerJapanese Beer

Its actually not too bad !!!
Saturday night was my first experience of Japans night life and while very different to Oz thoroughly enjoyable! Everything is so much smaller- the clubs are just one room with a bar and sometimes a dance floor, you pay about 20-30 bucks to get in and then get given drinks tickets. Para para dancing (think it should be called paro paro, coz thats wat you look like when ur doing it) is a pparently all the rage over here- its a bit like when the nutbush or bus stop comes on at timewarp- everyone knows the steps to the songs and stands in lines to do them. Theres a guy that marissa has seen a couple of times whos always up the front leading, and they really dont care if complete no hopers like me stuff up all the steps. Oh and they love to look at themselves in the mirror when dancing. Very funny.

Our local interantional bar is called 'Our Boozer' When Marissa first said it i thought she was saying albuza, like I biza or sumthin.But no it is defintiley our boozer and definitly going to be refuge to find some other accents.

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Beer at the bus stopBeer at the bus stop
Beer at the bus stop

What could be more classy? No there werent any parents around

One of those Japanese things you just cant explain.
Steve the Salsa InstructorSteve the Salsa Instructor
Steve the Salsa Instructor

At a bar called Pimpers Paradise

Everybody stay calm- its just a lighter! Vernon is very cool- from Houston Texas.
Flyte time- the clubFlyte time- the club
Flyte time- the club

Marissa Para para!!

Japanese people sleep anywhere. Just go home!!!!!

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