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March 28th 2006
Published: April 3rd 2006
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Electrical shopElectrical shopElectrical shop

Look Look Look!!! Its a mechanical bull, no its a virtual motorbike racer, no its for practising your golf swing. This versatile machine comes in varying degrees of strength to cater for the tiniest to the sumoest!!
I am in Japan!!! A long way from Adelaide, Australia, but here I am in Shizuoka for a year teaching at an English Kindergarten while seeing and experiencing as much of this crazy, mixed up, amazing country as I can!

My first few days in Japan land have been great and sucked in to all you non believers- I havent cried once!!!! Having Marissa here has really helped me settle in and the Mansion is already starting to feel like a cosy place to be. I spose im still in holiday mode coz kindy starts next week, but i am very excited to see what comes next. Please browse my photos and email me or write on my message board, i might even be able to work out how to read them eventually!!!

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Electrical shopElectrical shop
Electrical shop

Testing blood pressure. Theres lots and lots of thermometers and things to test your health, seems a bit of an obsession over here, when you meet someone you give name age and blood type!!!

The restaurant where we had our first meal out. Apparently quite common to see bells to ring for table service. Was funny coz there were about three waitresses just standing around waiting to be buzzed!! As we left the sushi chef cam out with a plate of sushi kind of offereing it to us but of course we didint understand what he was saying (wakarimasen) so not sure if we were meant to tkae it or if they thought we ordered it or what. Ended up leaving without it and hoping we werent being rude!!

Marissa the fat pig had oily spring rolls for tea and then proceeded to play with her oil and make a smily face. Its so hard living with someone so immature!!!!!

We both had a chicken mince pattie which came in a sizzling pot that had a candle underneath to keep it warm. Also had mushrooms and potato n yummy sauce. Im not very good at eating with chopsticks, might have to get out the springy cheating ones.
Shizuoka CityShizuoka City
Shizuoka City

First venture into the city today (Thursday). We experienced the coolest car park in the world that rolls your car ona conveyer belt and stacks it somewher (were not sure where). Super duper. This photo is for Gran, pachinko (poker machines)halls all have these bright umbrellas out the front.
Shizuoka CityShizuoka City
Shizuoka City

A day of firsts!! First squat toilet. And I still need practice with these, i DONT KNOW WHO EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!!
Shizuoka CityShizuoka City
Shizuoka City

lOST! and who could blame us when the shopping centre is the size of Mintaro. (For all you city slickers thats small for a town but big for a mall)!! The other girl in the pic is Hiedi, also from Adelaide, lives just down the road and teaches the older class.
Shizuoka CityShizuoka City
Shizuoka City

Ok Ms Osborn and Miss Brown. Yes this is definitley where I will be buying your souvenirs, ill just rob a couple of banks and get dad to sell the farm first. I got a catalogue, which is more like a book after confirming with the amused shop assistants that they were in fact free.

3rd April 2006

You are hilarious, but I love your idea!!! It seems as though you are having loads of fun. Can we see pictures of your mansion, that tailess cat and your school???? Pretty please Miss Hall????
28th April 2006

Hey bubs your slack ass friend is finally viewng your web page (only because Bec forced me adn not because I wanted to) ha ha ha. Nah just been too slack.
30th April 2006

Hello Amy D
Hi Amy, enjoying your trip and photos. Sam's wedding was a blast. David and Susie and the family had a good time. send me an email and I'll send some pic's to you. lotsa love Ben.
5th May 2006

Hi Amy! At last I have found your site. For some reason I thought the address was @ had some strange hits! Great photos and comments...looking forward to seeing what you think about your visit to Hiroshima. Bit more exciting that our last Marion Bay on Yorke Peninsula. Still, did catch a nice salmon! Love Sheila
8th May 2006

Hi Aims, when did you say you had hoildays again? I'm still keen to visit my mate over there, thought I'd see if you were free to show me around, that'd be good. Hmmm turtles, bet they stink?

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