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March 21st 2007
Published: March 21st 2007
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Miscellany- a collection containing a variety of sorts of things (Modern Language Association (MLA): "miscellany." WordNet® 2.1. Princeton University. 23 Mar. 2007. . ) This blog is an example of just that- it is a collection containing snippets of all the adventures I have had in the last little while, to get you up to date before I leave the Land of the Rising Sun and head to the land of th... Read Full Entry

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Our cool lion bus at Safari Park
Lunch time!!Lunch time!!
Lunch time!!

Meat for the lions, vegies for the bears and pellets for the ugly camels.
The best piece of steak ive seen in JapanThe best piece of steak ive seen in Japan
The best piece of steak ive seen in Japan

And they feed it to the lions!!

This was heart racing!
Dik DikDik Dik
Dik Dik

Only in Japan
Safari ParkSafari Park
Safari Park

And my Elton John sunnies
Giraffe, dead ahead!!Giraffe, dead ahead!!
Giraffe, dead ahead!!

Without a head!!
Sukina DobutsuSukina Dobutsu
Sukina Dobutsu

My favourite animal- Gavin the giraffe

29th March 2007

Its taken awhile but your finally finished and it was worth the wait. Great blog, great to read and of course great photos, yes I am beautiful!!!!! ha ha I am glad that you and I dont live like pigs, there is no excuse for that.....and we had better things to do than clean up her place cos she was to lazy to do it......... On the subject that is close....I am very sad about it!!!!!!!! Love you, hugs and kisses especially on your little ears.
29th March 2007

Land of the Rising Sun
Japan's location in relation to Asia is Easterly, and we all know that the sun rises in the East! Therefore Japan is the first country in Asia to see the rising sun, and is the land of 'the sun's origin', which is the translation of Nippon. Keep up your blogs and good luck in Whingeing Pommy land!
29th March 2007

You made it Amy
Well the journey has finished Amy and it sounds like it has been a hoot for you by your blogs, and now to the Poms good luck, you are so lucky to have the chance to have this and hope you cherish all the good memoriers and fun hope to see you soon l no Holly does. Pete
29th March 2007

I Concur!
Not with your decision to leave Japan, and TURN YOUR BACK ON FUJI-SAN, but with Blue Steel's explanation of the "Land of the Rising Sun". I look forward to many more blogs from Europe! Then when you get home, you can bastardize this site and blog local places like me. HA! Japan will miss you!!
1st April 2007

Hey Amy! Marissa's friend Kathryn here. I am glad that she has someone like you to look out for her and put in the effort to make her arrival welcoming. Its a shame other people arent as considerate. LOVE reading your blogs. Although ive only met you twice, i feel like i know your whole life history, well the part of it spent in Japan :) Have a fantastic time in Europe!
2nd April 2007

love the 'roo picture
Hi AMy Loved seeing you in the pouch of the 'roo!! Expect everyone thinks we have them all over the place (actually, we do, with koalas, at present). When family visited from Japan to stay with us they were a bit shocked about co-habiting with (very clean) dog, cat, rabbit, ferret...at least the chooks and the possum live outside!! Lovely pics as usual, The kids are gorgeous. I have lots of cousins in England so let me know if you need some contacts!! Love Sheila
9th April 2007

Hey Amy
Hey Amy, are you enjoying London...? were the hell are you staying over there...? Walkabout is the best haha they are sooo much fun!!! have a fantastic time over there!! Kate
16th April 2007

Sorry to leave
Iwill miss photos of Japan Land - we've learnt so much - Im having trouble finding the pink daisy site but look fwd to keeping up with travel queen again

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