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March 6th 2007
Published: March 14th 2007
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Thanks to Global Warming, it is safe to say that the Japanese Winter is over, and Spring has indeed Sprung. This is not ideal for professional snowboarders (like myself) as there isnt much snow left around the place, but for flower enthusiasts all over Japan, christmas has come early. The cherry blossom is even starting, and if one has to give up snow, its nice to have cherry blossom to look at instead. Blooming Brilliant!!

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Used as a decorative plant here.... my hayfever doesnt appreciate it!!
The cherry blossom princessThe cherry blossom princess
The cherry blossom princess

And some chick in kimono... hehe
Roses are red....Roses are red....
Roses are red....

Not this one!!!
Niji No SatoNiji No Sato
Niji No Sato

Home of the rainbows

15th March 2007

Hello Petal
Love your themed blogs - beautiful white rose with scrolly stuff behind. Not a begonia but a lovely camellia. Hope all goes well with packing and reunion with Marissa!!!
15th March 2007

Spring may have sprung..but its still freezing!!
What a cute cherry blossom girl!!! You are a princess in my eyes Amy Sensei! Love the blog the photos are nearly as beautiful as the real thing...glad im here to share the spring season with you, Miss Professional Skateboarder you are a star....
15th March 2007

Petal indeed!
I wanted to be the first to say it was a camelia not a begonia!! The weather is nuts here as well, so I have roses, proteas and camelias all coming out at the same time. Very pretty but not meant to be this way. We have had good use of the pool this year, swimming almost every evening. Shandy has decided she doesn't mind swimming too, but one needs to keep away from the thrashing legs with the sharp nails attached! Lots of love Sheila
15th March 2007

Hey aims good to see the lovely flower. Missing you. Speak soon D
17th March 2007

Great pics
I really like all these... lets you see the multitude of plants where you are at- plants define a place more than the people! And who was that girl in the yellow Kimono posing with the Cherry Blossom Princess?
19th March 2007

Wait for me!
Nice pics Amy but please tell the cherry blossoms in Shizuoka to wait for me! Hows the packing and everything going, have you visited all your favourite places for the last time? We should go Doma Doma before you leave? See you soon Princess ;) xxxxx

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