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February 19th 2007
Published: February 21st 2007
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Just coz they are adorable.................

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The BoysThe Boys
The Boys

I didnt even have to pose them for this picture!
Kaede (l) and HaruKaede (l) and Haru
Kaede (l) and Haru

One dark haired twin, one blonde!!
Uta (l) and KotaUta (l) and Kota
Uta (l) and Kota

What are these parents doing to their kids!!!
Arata and his flamingo!Arata and his flamingo!
Arata and his flamingo!

Overachieving in playdough!!
Art LessonArt Lesson
Art Lesson

On Mondays and Thursdays we go to Music and Art
Art LessonArt Lesson
Art Lesson

The kids had a great time making creations out of recycled stuff and then painting them.

Check the dimples!!

This kid has major personality!

They call her 'baby sumo'. She thinks its funny to copy everything I do- and repeat everything I say. She also likes to give eskimo kisses- rubbing noses and has the most infectious laugh.

Misaki speaks excellent English, she likes to tell me something every morning- "On the weekend we are going to the snow" or "I have a new towel".

A rare beaming smile from this solemn little soul.
Kazusato and HiroakiKazusato and Hiroaki
Kazusato and Hiroaki

Kazusato translates to 'home of wind'- hehhehe. These are two of my tuition kids, they are hilarious, full of personality and spark.

My favourite koala

Too cool for kindy
Miyuki and HitomiMiyuki and Hitomi
Miyuki and Hitomi

They were just playing around on the carpet making letters- this one is T!

In February it is believed the ogres come to take away the bad children, at MEK we made ogre maskes and the teachers threw peanuts 'at' the ogres to get rid of them!
Ahh Ogre!!Ahh Ogre!!
Ahh Ogre!!

The kids got to keep the peanuts once theyd collected them. I think they ate them, but its also believed if you sprinkle beans around your house it will be protected from the bad spirits.

22nd February 2007

Its all in the teacher...
They are adorable, must be their lovely amazing teacher, Amy Sensei!!!
6th March 2007

Blonde Panda
Its so lovely to see the children so full of life and sparkle. You will miss them , but at least you have lovely photos to remember them by. Computor had a spring clean by a nice boy called Thorsten lives in FF so now much faster and more reliable but internet still dicey.
17th March 2007

Haru's Hair?!
Who dyed Haru's hair! Poor kid. We have that in the states too, little 6 year olds dressed up like poster kids from magazines. They must care so much about fashion because of their gorgeous and stylish teacher right? The one that can simultaneously cause Kangaroo roadkill and drink Sapporo while driving?
14th October 2007

Cutest photos on Travelblog?
I was looking thru your blogs to find a new posting for "cutest photo" and have decided that everything in this entire gallery are the cutest photos on travelblog!!
30th March 2010

so cute :]
Aww your kids are so cute :} I admire children

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