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May 23rd 2012
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Good eye sight
My head was so heavy this morning that I turned my alarm into a feature in my dream, and let it ring for over a minute. Put out my rubbish this morning, hiding many pieces of ‘recyclables’ within, and planning to continue this operation in the future. Saw a man washing his car with a hose on the way to work, very odd to see, especially in a place that raw-chicken containers are recycled.

Every spare minute today I crammed in some Japanese study for my lesson tonight, fending off sticky and crayon-y fingers from my text books. The activity went well, despite several decapitations, and I worked out that next time, I need to have more than a couple of spares. Rebecca was quick thinking, and grabbed the last one to photocopy.

A trip to the park today, and again hungry lions snapped at my feet as I put the tub of toys down. Lots of bugs were squished, (after several minutes of torment), and a girl fell off the bars as I taught her how to flip over it. It actually looked like I pushed her off, but since she is one of the nice kids, you can be assured that I didn’t! Luckily one of the girls had a colourful band-aid, so that fixed her up right away. The kids play with the spiders and insects without worry, but when a boy produced a fat worm, the screams were those of pure terror! It’s something to do with the wriggling.

A relatively calm lunch and afternoon. My photo was taken to put in the hallway, I guess that makes me an official MEK teacher now! Had all the kids packed up and sitting on the mat ready to go ten minutes in advance. Then I shot out the door and home to get ready to go into the city for my Japanese lesson.

Whilst stuffing my face with French stick and Philadelphia cream (which somehow works out much cheaper than fake cheese slices!), I emailed to double check the time, and got a response that the meeting wasn’t till tomorrow. How did I mix that up?

Went for a bike ride to clear my head, and found where they grow the strawberries.


An Australian woman has been arrested in the small town of Asabata, Japan. She was found unconscious at the scene of the crime, surrounded by green-tipped hats of the many who perished. Shortly after her arrest, the woman was hospitalised, and had to have her stomach pumped for strawberry poisoning. It is estimated she had consumed over 10 kilograms of strawberries… Continued on page three.

Whilst washing the dishes, someone was speaking at what sounded like my back door. Never one to shy away from being nosy, I peeked my nose out, to find the postman at the door, speaking to the door. Apparently they don’t knock here. He had my ‘package’ for me: my new bankcard. Perhaps he did come to the house the other day, but since he just had a little chat to my back door, I didn’t hear him!

Have lost all motivation to cook after doing all the dishes from last night’s dinner. So rice cream it is.

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24th May 2012

On second thought...
On second thought, if anyone in the world is immune to strawberry poisoning, it would be me.

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