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January 1st 2014
Published: January 2nd 2014
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Panda cakesPanda cakesPanda cakes

Bit cruel eating these
Hi everyone

The crowning glory of Wednesday was to go to the public bathhouse in the hotel. I wasn't going to go but thought what the heck. there are separate men's and women's baths so it wasn't too confronting.

So basically you take off your clothes and sit on a little stool and have a nice hot shower. Then you step into a really hot swimming pool about the size of our bedroom . The water is piped in from the hot springs of Mt Fuji. It was really hot so about 5 minutes was all I could take.

The presence and impact of Mt Fuji is huge. Everywhere we went, we saw new aspects of the mountain. she seemed to appear everywhere. Luckily because the weather is so clear that we have spectacular views. In summer she might not be in view for days so we've been very lucky.

There is quite a lot of snow on the ground and banked up at roadsides But it's not overly cold. Thank goodness. The roads are fine though and some even have underground heating to melt the snow. Amazing ingenuity.

Today (Thursday) we drove tour around the Five Lakes Area of Mt Fuji. Maureen was a wonderful tour guide and we saw some incredible sights. At lake Saiko (pronounced psycho) we happened upon these amazing ice sculptures. Basically they were chicken wire frames designed to be covered in snow and ice. The horse in particular collected a lot of ice and was very well done.

Just taking a step back we had the most amazing Japanese breakfast at the hotel. Lots of plates of little things but we had no idea what they were. Things such as tiny slices of fish, things that looked like sweets but were fish, tiny bows of black shiny stuff that had a hint of liquorice an miso soup that had something the size of small stopwatch which had the taste and texture of a thai fish ball. Can't wait to go back again tomorrow.

We hope you are surviving the heat. We are having a great time in the snow!

love sandra and peter xx

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