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November 6th 2007
Published: November 6th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

mum and dad really enjoyed watching my dance class night and they did really well not to laugh too much at dan! the teacher couldn't stop herself from laughing sometimes and after showing him 20 times how to do a step, she realised that he was never going to get it right and just told him to do it 'dan style'!
she couldn't believe how many foreigners were in the dance studio that night so asked to take a photo of us before we all left!

we then went to our favourite restaurant in saga and ate tons of food - it was absolutely delish and mum and dad really enjoyed it! mum thought the toilets were great too as the toilet lid lifted automatically as she walked into the cubicle and closed when she left! the staff were really keen to try and speak english to us and, as we were leaving, 2 of them came out to say they recognised me from the last time i was there (i should think so too!) and were really appreciative when i said that i thought this was the best restaurant in saga!

today, i had an entertaining lunchtime as lots of students crowded round me in the staff room to ask me lots of questions in english... they asked if i was in love with a lot of the male teachers which was rather embarrassing as the other teachers were quietly eating their lunch at their desks (though obviously listening in to our conversation!) ...they asked if i had a boyfriend, so i showed them a photo of matt on my computer and they all said 'kakkoii' which i know means 'cool' so he got their seal of approval... a few other teachers had a nosey at my computer at this point (i KNEW they wanted to see some of my photos but just didn't want to ask!)

mum and dad are off to hiroshima today and then on wednesday, i'm meeting them in miyajima for the day... i'm so excited about this as it's a beautiful island where the deer roam around freely and there are lots of beautiful walks to go on... it's also got a torii (like a gate) which is a world heritage site, as when the tide is high, it looks as though the torii is floating on the water. mum and dad are staying in miyajima tonight (as it's only a ferry ride away from hiroshima) and i've booked them into a japanese style ryokan (so they'll be sleeping on futons on the floor!) it looks stunning, so i really hope they like it!


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