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Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka June 10th 2019

Perhaps the most well-known sign, at least in Japan if not in all of Asia, is that of the Running Man. It’s actually an advertisement for Glico, a company that makes nutritionally fortified sweets. Its founder realized that glycogen, found in oyster broth, was an energy booster, and added it to sweets with the stated objective of enhancing health through food. He first added it to caramel in 1922, and the logo of the Running Man with his arms raised in victory was born. The Running Man sign was first put up in 1935. It is 33 meters – over 100 feet – high, and except for when it was destroyed during WWII, it has graced the banks of the Dotonbori River ever since. The sign has been updated and improved over the years, and is ... read more
this restauarnt served crab
Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka June 2nd 2019

LAX in Los Angeles is not one of my favorite airports, and its layout is horrible. As usual, my connecting flight from San Diego landed at the very last gate in the very last terminal, and my flight to Tokyo was leaving from the gate as far away as you could get and still be in the same airport. According to my ever so smart watch, it was about a mile and a quarter, with nary a moving walkway in sight. Now, it was possible to take a slightly shorter journey by actually leaving the airport and catching a shuttle bus to the International Terminal, but then you would have to go through TSA security again. And even with TSA Pre-Check and Trusted Traveler authorizations, that entailed more standing in line than I really ... read more
Hotel The Flag

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Izumisano May 27th 2019

Well up at 6.30 am in our Nikko Kansai Airport room to quickly dress and walk back across to the airport. We checked in to Cathay Pacific to fly to Hong Kong. They were able to check our bags through to Tel Aviv! There was nothing in the lounge we could eat so we found a bakery with croissants and coffee. Then back to the lounge waiting and waiting for the plane to be called for boarding. Eventually we were called. The staff were very upset that we couldn’t eat any of the delicious food on offer in business class because it was all meat and shellfish. (Of course we had not been able to request kosher meals because this flight was suddenly booked less than 24 hours earlier.) However, they did find us some salad ... read more
HKG airport Hong Kong interior looks like any other - and we saw it repeatedly!

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Izumisano May 26th 2019

We awoke to enjoy another amazing breakfast, essentially like the one we described on Day 19 but with slight variations of juices, breads and spreads. At 10 am our driver came to the hotel to collect us for the one hour drive to Osaka airport. We said goodbye to Kobe and set off. Osaka is a port city. Much of Japan’s heavy industry is in Osaka. We arrived at the airport to catch our Air China flight to Beijing and there to catch the El Al flight home. We arrived in good time and found the Air China check-in counter. They refused to check our bag through to Tel Aviv. Oh well, good job we have nearly seven hours between flights. We went through security and then went to the Air China lounge. When we got ... read more
Kobe Kitano Hotel

Asia » Japan » Osaka April 17th 2019

Osaka was the first port we docked at after leaving Tokyo. A lovely sunny day greeted us as we set off to the Shitennoji temple. As I was wandering around the paintings reflecting the life of Buddha I thought they looked familiar but then we have been in a lot of Buddhist temples. Within the complex there is a tall pagoda which one could climb to the top after taking off your shoes. We realized we had done this before so did not climb it again as I recall the view wasn't that brilliant. Indeed Osaka is not a pretty place. Japan is so full of people that high rises and apartments predominate. We sat for a while on a bench next to an elderly gentleman who took out two small bottles from his bag and ... read more
Shitennoji Temple
Moat round Osaka Castle
Walls of Osaka Castle

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 29th 2018

Hey everyone, Hope you’re all doing well! The beginning of this past week was Chuseok here in Korea, which is the Korean version of Thanksgiving, more or less. Last year for Chuseok (yup, I’ve been here for a year already-isn’t that wild??), I went to Busan to visit Julia, the first friend I made here in Korea. This year I took a trip to Osaka, Japan, where I met up with Sabrina, one of my friends from college. She is teaching English through JET, and was able to travel to Osaka and hang out with me for a couple of days! For those who aren’t super familiar with Japan, Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, and it is known for its food, boisterous people, and dialect, which is notoriously difficult to understand. The atmosphere ... read more
Osaka Castle, nighttime
Ferris wheel outside of the aquarium
Eagle Ray

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka June 28th 2018

I've had some pretty interesting trips before, like the time I had to jump start a helicopter just prior to going up in said helicopter - which made for some interesting thought processes however, I digress. Frankly, there is no better argument for the existence of God than Him absolutely toying with your flight plans in a way that can only be explained by divine intervention. The plan was to catch a daytime flight to Japan so we could arrive early, settle in and get our bearings. All good in theory! First there was the late arrival of the connecting flight. Not by much, a 45 minute delay. this actually gave us a little extra time to make it from the domestic terminal to the international terminal so it appeared to be a blessing in disguise ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka June 28th 2018

i think the last time I felt this tired was when Emily was born and I'd spent two nights sleeping in a bath. I wasn't sure how we were going to get up this morning but, fortunately, routine kicked in and we woke around 8:45. That gave us enough time to shower quickly and make it down for breakfast. I have to say, while the marketing people had used every photographic trick in the book to get the rooms to look a decent size, they were spot on when it came to the food. They promised best buffet in Osaka and they delivered. An excellent selection of Asian and western food all cooked to perfection and presented excellently. A great start to the day. We headed out very soon after eating and went down into the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka April 8th 2018

08.04.2018 Today was our return journey to Mumbai. Our flight was Malaysian Airlines. Osaka to Malaysia and Malaysia to Mumbai. The bus dropped us at Osaka Airport. We did shopping. Shopping was of Kit Kat various flavors and Sake. Then at Malaysia we took Malaysian chocolates. We returned home around 10 o'clock in night. Thus enjoyed the tour of Japan.... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka April 7th 2018

07.04.2018 Hiroshima - Osaka Started in morning by a bus. It dropped us to bullet train station. We proceeded to Hiroshima by bullet train. A different bus was allotted for travel of Hiroshima. It took us to the ferry boat station. We went to peace park. we saw the Cenotaph, Sadako Monument and the Bomb Dome. The story of Sadako Sasaki was told by our Japanese guide that after bomb blast, in few years Sadako started suffering from Leukemia. Her mother names it The bomb decease. She wanted to live. Someone told her to make 1000 paper cranes so that she can have her wish. (as per Japan tradition) Some say she died after preparing 644 cranes and her friends fulfilled the number. Some say she made 1400 cranes but her wish did not come true ... read more
Hiroshima Station
Tulips in Garden near Peace Park

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