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April 2nd 2010
Published: April 12th 2010
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In the morning when I was getting ready I met two English guys who were heading for the same ferry - result! After a short chat I found that they had planned to see a few of the attractions as I was in China so we decided to stick together for the first few days and climb the Yellow Mountains together. We set off for the ferry port and made excellent time. We were through the check in and customs in no time at all and boarded the ferry two hours before departure. About 5 minutes after dropping our luggage we met a couple of students from England Claire and Joe and later on a few more Brits joined us, so we wandered around the ship before sitting down for a chat and a few drinks. One of the guys in our group, Arsan, had travelled round India with no real plans for China so we invited him to join us until his friend would meet him a week later. The ferry itself was much better than id expected, it was clean except for the Onsen which I only lasted 10 mins in and had to have a shower to feel clean afterwards, I intend to forget what happened there so I’m not giving specifics. I spent a good few peaceful hours by myself on the deck during the day and the night and watched as the Japanese coast became a speck on the horizon. China here I come I thought to myself. The ferry ticket included a breakfast which on the first day was an egg and some bread, the second day I had 2 dumplings, one bean paste, and the other boiled beef. Two of our group told us the food on the ferry wasn’t up to much and overpriced at that. I was glad id visited the supermarket the day before I left and bought a load of cup noodles and other such culinary delights. It was only a few days, I could make do and the rest of my nourishment and vitamin intake came in the form of Asahi or Suntory beer from the vending machines.


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