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October 7th 2016
Published: October 7th 2016
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Today is Friday! YAY¨! And it is TAKOYAKI PARTY! YAY YAY! 😊

So today I woke up early as I went to bed at 9 pm last night. Direction the school, to be there at 10.30 am for the Takoyaki party.

As part of our integration, the new student had an event today, in order to know each other and have fun! We made Takoyaki 😊 For the one who don't remember, Takoyaki is this special dish from Osaka consisting in a round (ball) crepe with inside vegetables and OCTOPUS :D

As usual, even if I woke up early, I had to run a bit because I was late... and when I arrived, everybody was there already :P

We were sat by table of 12-ish people and we had to introduce ourselves, telling what is our name, where we come from and what are our hobbies 😊 As I arrived late, I had to start, and I did it in english... when everyone else after did it in Japanese 😞 I felt lonely lol

Then we prepared the dough for the takoyaki, which is just mixing the special powder (flour???) with eggs and water. The dough is put in this special "ball shape crepe pan" and we added the octopus and the vegetables. You need to wait a bit (like crepe), and then come the difficult part 😊 You have to flip the ball in the pan, without breaking them of letting everything escape from the ball :P Don't worry, after few tries, everyone was capable to do it, so we just enjoyed doing more and eating them :D

During the event, I had the opportunity to talk to other people and made some other friends. When the party finished around 12, I met Rebecca and some other people downstairs. 2 Indonesian guys and 1 Spanish guy.

We decided to spend the afternoon together and we strolled again in the streets of Osaka. We went to many shops like electronic shops, video game shops, manga shops etc... It is all really big and funny. As we said: "here in Japan, you can find everything everywhere, even thing you don't need, and even things that nobody needs" lol... for example, an umbrella which looks like a katana...WTF

In all this shops, I found out: 1. that it is difficult to communicate with vendors as they don't speak ANY english, 2. that buying a sim-card for my phone will be more complicated that I though, and 3. that in video game shops, the noise is incredible as they leave game everywhere on TV with full power sound. I still found some supernintendo games that I was playing when I was young, so that was fun :P

In general, we discovered new areas and new streets with always more crazy japanese things everywhere :D

Back home, I sat with Yumi-chan and Hyun and we had some sake from Okinawa that Yumi-chan brought back... Really nice 😊

Then Junya arrived with his friends and we all had food together and a nice chat.

I finally met Chris (the Australian guy who lives in the house), and we all drunk together 😊

Junya and his friends kept going and were pretty drunk (Asian people... lol) but I will go to Kobe tomorrow so I kept myself from drinking too much... (I am so reasonable now lol). Anyway, they were really drunk by 11pm and went to relax outside, so I decided to go to bed.

Tomorrow is sake testing in KOBE. Rebecca invited me to join a group of international people who organised this event... Let see :D


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