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April 7th 2012
Published: February 13th 2013
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Our alarm clock went off at 5.45 and we finished packing up and checked out of our hotel and made our way to Tokyo station to catch the Shinkansen. Our train left at 8.33. the Shinkansen or “bullet train” travels pretty quick around 300km/h although you don’t really feel it. I got some sleep on the surprisngly smooth train whilst danel played ths DS. Somewhere along the line an older man joined the seat next to us and his wife on the seat parallel with us. His Basic English wasn’t too bad! We talked briefly and offered him and his wife chocolate Easter eggs we were eating, they received them greatfully and a few mins later the wife handed us a pink bag saying “Japanese rice cookies” the small gift was a very sweet, it was all wrapped in a pretty pink fabric bag with cherry blossoms on it. The “Japanese rice cookies” we’re very different, very sweet yet very salty? It was fun trying all the different cookies while chatting to the man before they departed the train. We stayed on all the way to Osaka & arrived at 11.30Am. It was a mission finding our hotel! With less signs in English than Tokyo we had trouble with our local trains, plus we had 3 different trains to catch and a bit of a walk. We had to ask for directions and although most people don’t speak any English they are all so polite and helpful! eventually a nice man walked us pretty much to our hotel and we dropped off our bags to do some exploring. The hotel is in the BEST location, 30 seconds away from Dotonburi. A lit up food street by a canal, famous for its puffer fish meals and octopus balls (takayami) we spent the day shopping in the huge arcade. It just went on forever, we couldn’t even finish it! We visited the hello kitty shop before snacking on warm savory buns and chocolate cakes filled with gooey chocolate and caramel for lunch. We then found a stall called “dolphins” selling sweet fried batter with a hot custard filling with chocolate chips yum! We walked back to the hotel with sore feet to rest before dinner, bathing in the tiny bath, drinking green tea and watching Japanese dubbed Glee. Pretty funny.

For dinner we walked up and down the streets trying to choose a place to eat. The opportunities were endless! BBQ’s, sashimi, crab restaurants, puffer fish restaurants with tanks of live puffer fish, ramen stalls opening onto the street and steaming in the cold, and so many small stalls with venders flipping little balls of takayami octopus balls. The smell in the air made us so hungry so we decided on a Okonomiyaki restaurant on the main strip. We had to walk upstairs to enter and were greeted by a young girl who seated us and brought us hot towels. The menus had no English but we finally worked out some plum wine for drinks. It was the BEST plum wine I’ve ever tasted! It was so light and fruity and sweet.
A new waiter with very basic English came to help us with our menus. We decided on a pork and seafood Okonomiyaki and an assortment of 6 mini ones consisting of pork, shrimp, squid, mayonnaise, cheese and garlic. All the food was served onto our big hot plate in front of us. The food was delicious! It was all served with a thick sweet soy sauce and Japanese mayonnaise.There was so much food! We took our time eating and drinking more plum wine whilst enjoying the view over the canal and the lit up streets below. With our Timmy’s full and myself a little tipsy we payed and were thanked and bowed out by all the staff. As we walked home we stopped for photos by the well known running man, a lit up neon of a man running.By the way it’s been freezing! So cold in fact Danel even wore his onesy out tonight, under his jumper and jeans! Lol it’s so cold u just don’t care i feel like I’m wearing everything I own. At once!

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